Why Does It Sing

I sighed…again.  I was bored, okay?  So, I checked up on my lovely firewall and looked at all the protections I had on my computer.  Kinda paranoid, but you never know when a hacker got bored and decided to get ya.  Happened only once and it never happened by the same person, or by anybody, again.

See, I was the kinda hacker that liked to lead you away from my computer and redirect you to another computer.  Once that happened, my computer would automatically send out a virus to destroy their files while they were looking for “me.”  If that didn’t work, then good luck trying to crack my code.  Being part Native American and part Welsh really helped out with coming up with a code.  I’d have put in an eternity code instead, but I ran out of time.

“Aderyn!  You’re gonna be late for work if you don’t hurry up!” called my supposed “roommate.”  Only time she’s in the room is to snag a clean uniform, the little slut.  I sighed and shut off my computer before heading over to the mirror.  Need to make an impression for costumers, you know?

Hands at my hips, I stared critically at my reflection.  My short, slightly spiky mahogany hair was fine.  Silver-green eyes noticeable: check.  I had on my spiked collar and wristbands, so that was fine.  All I needed to do was put on that pastel green uniform all employees at the supermarket I work at wear.  With another sigh, I yanked a clean uniform out of my closet and put it on over my casual clothes.

I can’t wait to take this damn thing off.  I thought as I grabbed my laptop and ran out the door.  It took me five minutes to finally get to the supermarket and mere seconds to take my place at the cash register.  My boss was pretty lenient on free time.  So long as we did our job and make sure that no costumers were held up, we could do whatever we wanted.  Seeing as how the only people around were employees, I just booted up my laptop and went to check on the BBS.

Aw, still nothing!  They should have gotten the IP address by now.  If they hadn’t, then my suspicions were right in that we were not dealing with a regular, small-time, inexperienced hacker.

“Hey, Ryn!  How’s the programming project coming along?” a voice called out.  I looked up from my laptop and saw the stupidly grinning face of one of my best friends.  She could have passed off as my twin sister, if her hair was mahogany instead of pitch black, and if her eyes weren’t grey-blue, but that was a minor detail.

“Almost done, actually.  All I need to do is fine tune it and I’m golden,” I replied before logging out of my Sanctuary account.  The project was on a different computer, one that I never use to go onto any of my accounts.  Once again, I was a very paranoid girl, and had good reason.  I was not a loved person in the private school I went to, and some of my enemies were hackers.

“Great!  Uh, can you tell me what it was supposed to do, again?” Shea asked sheepishly.  I smiled a little.  That girl always seemed to forget what project I work on for our computer programming class.

“Okay, what the program is supposed to do is to help uncover hidden or unseen files.  You know how some people like to hide files by putting them underneath other, normal files?  Well, my program should be able to not only make them appear, but to copy the hidden files onto a flash drive.  After that, it cleans up any traces of the program’s existence off of their computer, so they wouldn’t know that the files were copied,” I explained.  I loved my computer programming class, it was oh, so helpful to all would-be hackers.  ‘Course, I’ve had some experience in hacking, since it gave me my kicks.  Hell, it was better than doing drugs.  At least hacking won’t get me killed.  Well, that wasn’t true, but still!  Better quick and painless instead of croaking ‘cause you smoked yourself to death.

Well, whatever.  It wasn’t my problem, so I just went back to surfing the web.  Shea and I made some small talk before she had to leave for stupid French.  Goddess above, I’m glad that I’m not being forced into that class!  The teacher there was off her rocker!  I’ll take Japanese any day, thanks.

Anyway, I logged back on Sanctuary and my head almost met the desk.  Still nothing, damn it!

The End

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