Crashing Down

I don't get a chance to check the BBS again for a decent hour, as our modem decides to take that moment to stall. It's all I can do to stop my mother throwing a hissy fit at the wireless connection on her laptop dying. I attempt to calm her down, telling her it usually comes back by itself given a moment. Thankfully, she believes me. I had no end of trouble the last time she called a technician. I had to wipe my computer and reinstall all my illegal programming afterwards, but the technician was pretty suspicious when he saw how clean it was. Luckily he kept quiet - I think he thought I'd wiped it to hide porn or something.

Anyway, this time I'm left to fix the modem all by myself, which, needless to say, doesn't go without a hitch. It takes me the best part of forty minutes, and then another twenty to restart the computer and check all my programs are still in working order (they are, thankfully) before yelling down to my mother to tell her it's good to go. She doesn't bother to reply. I can't say I expected her to. The conversation in this household died some years back.

The webpage takes a frustratingly long time to load. My fingers start twitching as I wait. It's been an hour... assuming that our little 'cleaner' was still online when I posted that message, the IP's probably already on the boards. Everyone else will have had a head start, but I can deal with that. My methods are usually rather abrupt and to the point. I don't waste time doing what I do. Heck, even an hour behind, I'll still beat most of them to it. My work might not be the cleanest, but it's among the quickest. I don't cover my footprints, I make them walk in different directions. Try following me and you'll end up going in circles. That's just my style. I'm a speed-hacker. You could try and track me, but while you're busy with that, I could be returning the favour. I think most of the people on Sanctuary have realised that by now. I haven't had anybody attempt to hack my account for a long time.

The page finally loads, and I scan down the page. There have been nearly a hundred posts since my crash, but barely any of them relevant. I sigh. The server's too busy at this time of day. Maybe I should make myself another mug of coffee before I even attempt to sort through this drivel. Just as I rise from my seat, however, a post from Halo catches my eye. Threatening a "gang bang", eh? I pause for a second, frowning. That's... not right. Halo's always been a solo player like me. There's no way that he'd offer a team-up to bring this guy down, and there's no way that anyone could have hacked his account and posed as him to post that message. So what could he be thinking?

Searching for answers, I trace back a few posts. There's nothing much of interest, except a few newbies wanting in on the fun. I grimace as I notice Caged among them. With a screenname of Angel, it just has to be a girl. That was why I'd chosen to go with Wings instead. When I first saw her on the forums, she stood out from the rest. She gave us a few lulz, and there was no harm in that. But dammit, she needs to be more careful. She's trying to move from giving lulz to being serious business as a hacker. And unless she manages that pretty quickly, some others at the Sanctuary might decide she'll give more lulz as a target. I can only hope that they'll be too distracted by the new 'pet' to go after Caged.

The End

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