Come Out And Play

I would have cancelled any plans I had for the day, but I don't make plans. Or at least, not any new ones. This is my plan. People always wonder how I afford anything without a job. I have a job, it's just not one that most people can even understand

Even though I'm sure Stringed has already got a head start I start up a few programs to look into retreiving the IP myself. He's a cool guy but I'm not sure he'd share. It tends to be every man, or women (although not if rumors could be believed) for theirself. I start the last one running and recheck the BBS.

Son of a... "So, looks like someone's already been around with the pooper scooper." I wonder how clean of a job it was. I cracked my knuckles. Stringed already tried to tease them out. I really liked that guy's style, probably because it was almost a carbon copy of mine, almost. I did tend to have my own unique style. The teachers always said I had an attitude problem, but I guess 13 years wasn't enough time to cure it.

Looked like I was starting with the AMP early today. I walked over to the mini bar fridge covered in stickers from every concert I'd ever been to and grabbed a few cans. After I set them on the desk I pulled my hair back with one of the elastics on my wrist. Didn't need anything annoying me today, it was going to be a good day.

One more check of the BBS before I get to work. Ahh Angel posted. Someone else wanting in on the fun, although it looked like they were going to wait til someone else went and got the IP. That's alright, everyone's got to start somewhere.

That wasn't normally how Sanctuary operated. Actually we didn't work that way at all. Angel had jumped in right away and generated some decent lulz. That's why they were here. Angel was going to have to step up soon or try and hide. Hiding didn't work well in Sanctuary, I hope they found their cajones soon.

Never one to let Stringed have all the lulz I quickly checked the torrents on the other machine and focused on the task at hand. Whoever had cleaned up the mess obviously knew what they were doing. Luckily I had a little trick of my sleeve, back when I first discovered Sanctuary I'd actually discovered it through a backdoor of sorts. A dump, basically a giant virtual trash can, it was a jumbled mess and not really useful for anything... except perhaps in this case.

I started scanning and sorting and then switched back to the BBS. Time to screw with someone's head.

Come out, come out, whoever you are. So we know you can use a broom, guess what... so can I. But I bet I'm more creative than you.

Turn over that IP or I'll have to make this a gang bang.


The End

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