The Caged Bird

I sighed, groaned, and stretched my arms until my elbows gave a satisfying crack.  Looking over at my alarm clock, I frowned when I realized that I had slept in.  Great.  Cursing, I slipped out of bed and got a quick shower.  Afterward, I made a quick breakfast and some hot tea.

Coffee makes me gag.  I don’t get how people find it so damn addicting.

Whatever.  I was heading back up into my room, the cup of tea still in my hand, and managed to gracefully turn on the computer.  Idly I sipped my drink, waiting patiently for it to finish booting up.  When it did, I immediately checked up on the BBS for Sanctuary.  How ironic that the game had also become my sanctuary.

Mm?  Looks like Broken and Stringed have a hacker on their hands.  I thought after signing in.  I didn’t really pay much attention to those anonymous people.  They were chickens for not giving out their name.  Still, not everybody can be strong.  Where there’s strength, weakness must come.

Why the hell am I sounding like a fortune cookie?

Focus, Aderyn!  My mind scolded.  I tilted my head a little.  What should I say?  Those two were on top of things, but the clutter left behind seemed a little too messy.  I frowned and typed my response to the situation.

Aderyn…my parents said that it meant “bird” in Welsh.  Yeah, I was a bird.  A caged one.  Actually, that’s pretty funny.  A bird caged in private school.  Yeah…the bars were the doors and windows.  My jailers were the teachers and half of the student body.  I still didn’t understand why my parents forced me into this damn private school.

You’re wandering again…I cursed under my breath and went to refill my cup of tea.  After that, I read over my post again.

Yes, I re-read my posts.  Gotta problem with that?

Heh.  Looks like this guy’s gonna have some trouble on his doorstep!  Lemme know when we can get started teaching this guy how things run around here.


The End

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