I can't help but grin upon seeing the latest post on the BBS. Now there's a familiar name. BrokenHalo...Geez, he's posting early.I tend to watch his posts - he usually has something interesting to say - and from the timestamps on them, I figure he's in a completely different time zone. I guess somewhere in the US, but I'm not certain about that. Come to think of it, I don't know much about Halo at all. I'm not even sure if he's a guy. I just tend to assume so because I think most of us on Sanctuary are. And the laws of the internet and all that say that he has to be. Anyway, it's unusual for him to be posting so early.

My grin widens when I actually read his post. Largely because it directly references mine. Yeah, I have odd kicks. It just makes me feel pretty special to know that my opinion's valued over the generic anonymous posters. I don't exactly get much appreciation IRL.

"Don't make me go in the server and get that IP myself"? Nice. I admire his style. He's authoritative. And, ok, I think we have quite a lot in common. Genius attracts genius, right? I often wonder if Halo's another high-school bum like me. I find it hard to believe that anyone with that much in common with me has found any sort of success in life, or is that much older. Though I can't picture myself suddenly growing up anytime soon, either. So maybe I'm a hypocrite as well. Huh.

Unfortunately for Halo, I'm way ahead of him. I've already got several programs running trying to trace the post that was mentioned. It shouldn't be too difficult. All I have to do is scan the server for unusual activity. My computer can do all of that by itself. I decide to leave it alone for a while and go make myself a cup of coffee. When it's done, I'll work my own magic. I'll have that IP address before Halo even has the chance to refresh the page.

Returning with my daily dose of caffeine, I check the program status. If the mug were still in my hand, I would have dropped it.

Error processing request.

A few clicks of my mouse later, and I've found the root of the problem. Somebody's deleted the post from the system itself. No way. Not that quickly. No way he could've... I dig a little deeper around the system, but it's been completely cleaned up. This wasn't the original poster's doing. So what is this, then? A hired hand? somebody challenging me? I smirk. Only one way to find out, right?

So, looks like someone's already been around with the pooper scooper. Nice work. Will you be handing over that IP address without a fuss, or should I consider your challenge issued?


The End

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