Introducing - BrokenHalo

My hands wrap around the fresh mug of coffee as I make my way down the stairs to my rooms. Roomies were up but they could tell, probably by the complete lack of intelligence in my eyes, that I had yet to see the bottom of a mug this morning and as such left me alone. In a few hours when I had inevitably switched to AMP one of them would say hello.

For now I was left to my morning ritual in peace. I sat down at the computer and checked the torrents. A number of programs I will probably never install had completed over night. They might be useful later. Pirating, while ridiculously easy in my opinion, was still beyond the grasp of the general population. I figured I put in the time, why not make some cash? Leaving that machine to pillage and ransack some more I wheeled over to my real computer.

I took a sip of coffee as I sifted through the new messages on the BBS. I skip the one from anonymous posters. If you don't have the cojones to put a name, even a fake one, behind what you've got to say, I don't want to listen to it.

No one uses their real name on Sanctuary, the few that attempted it were promptly shown the error of their ways. Over the years fewer and fewer people attempted it. It took me a long time to create a name that I felt suited me. Too often names were boring, copies of pop culture meant to imply a certain connectedness I guess. I promised myself if I saw another Sephiroth### post a message I would take care of them myself. Didn't the fact that you had to add 3 digits after your name until your "unique" handle was accepted clue you in?

I finally reached one with not only a handle but one I was pleased to see at that. StringedWings was declaring war on a messy hacker, no big news there but the context had me confused. I went back.

Someone hacked the Sanctuary server? Or tried to? A real messy job by the sounds of it, SW was right... this person needed to be taught a lesson. And I was always a willing teacher.

Don't make me go in the server and get that IP myself.

I'm more than willing to teach our new pet the rules of the House.


The End

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