Chapter 1 (1) - In the Starlight With The MarquisMature

 The girl lay in her bed with her eyes closed and had just put the sheet over her body when she heard a creak.  Must be from the floorboards, she thought.  The barn house was old, and according to Father Cordain, it was hundreds of years old.  It was only natural then, that some sound, likely the rain hitting the rooftops, created such a creak.

She opened her eyes to check the room.  There was her canvas hanging on the wall by a nail, the leftover paint buckets on the floor a reminder of the failed attempt at creating a masterpiece, thousands of times over. She looked down and saw a black box like thing on the floor.  Creak, Creak, Creeaak

The girl undid the blankets and turned, putting her bare feet on the wooden floor, walking cautiously towards the mysterious box.  It hadn’t been here before, had it?  No.  It couldn’t have been here, could it? She knew shadows did fucked up things to your senses but she wasn’t sure.  Something was moving in there and as she touched the metal bars she gasped as something small bit down on her finger.  The girl flew back, trying to not scream.  She couldn’t wake Father Cordain.

Whatever bit her was now scurrying around.  “Fuck you Mr.White!”  The mouse she bought at a country fair stared at her with his big black eyes.  A shadow moved as she turned back to the bed, but for all she knew it was from the tree branches outside.  Getting back into bed, and feeling embarrassed, the girl closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

She didn’t ever dream while she was in the barnhouse or near Father, but she did meet the Marquis in a dream, didn’t she?  Yes, she had, but the memory was fuzzy because it was so long ago.  He had come tonight though, hadn’t he? Why?  The girl liked seeing him, and he said he was waiting for her, but for what reason?  She didn’t know, didn’t think she wanted to know, and was so tired she did not care to know, so she went back to bed, and slept.

The next thing she knew, she was standing outside again by the sea, dressed in a long red gown. The Marquis was how she saw him before, standing on the ancient sailboat made out of some tree and a canvas sail.  He smiled, and lifted his hands up in celebration, as if thanking the stars for bringing them together once more.  The girl realized his crimson robe was adorned with silver shapes, as if it was taken directly from the moon and starlight.  His green eyes twinkled in the dark, a low voice speaking in a hushed tone, as though he was going to wake up someone if he dared to raise his voice.

“It is good to speak with you once more, child of light.”  He bowed before her, letting his robe flow down the planks of the ship.  The girl watched in wonder as the light brightened from the moon, as if the Marquis was able to control it like one would an oversize lamp.

“You as well, Marquis,” she curtsied as she spoke and he only smiled and shook his head. 

“Among friends ma petite, there is no need for formality.”  She smiled, and moved closer as he took her hand, and kissed it.

“I thought you said there was no need to be formal.”  She laughed, staring into his eyes as he looked up with a smirk.

“Chivalry, and what is known as formality, are two distinct things, ma petite”. He smiled, letting go of her hand and lifted his right hand up, as what looked like star stuff flew into the air.  He put out a long somewhat frail hand and took hers, and they watched the stars together.

“In three months, my friend will come take you to me.  The journey I'm afraid, will be quite long, and treacherous, but I know you’ll be safe, always.”

She looked at him with some doubt, “Treacherous?”  He only smiled and kissed her hand once more, closing his eyes and breathing in deep.

“Yes, for I am in fact, dying ma petite, and,” he paused, not wanting to have revealed this so soon, but he didn’t have much time left.  “There will be others coming to take my throne, so I want you here, before they do.”

She wanted to protest, to scream into the dark night, but before she could, she did something she did not expect.

She woke up, and cried.


The End

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