The County Fair

Later that evening, we were in Bill's car; driving to the county fair. My mother picked me up and put me on Bill's shoulders so I could see what was going on. I was speechless. All of the activity going on was overwhelming me, since I grew up in an extremely miniature town. I was starting to be afraid of what was happening, all of the sudden mom picked me up off of her shoulders and planted me on the ground and said these words. “Don’t cry now, no matter what happens, mommy will be there for you. Okay?” It’s impossible to not smile when she does. We exchanged hugs and she put me on her shoulders instead; I felt more comfortable that way. I had never been up so late before, so most of the night was a blur for me due to my young age at the time. I still remember the elephant ears, a Floridian delicacy at fairs, the rides, the people smiling, even my mom and Bill were smiling bubblier than I had ever seen them before. It was about 10 o’ clock when we arrived back at Bill's house, as I was half slumbering. I could feel him pick me up and give me to my mother, and I heard them exchanging their goodnights as Bill closed our door. Mom gave me my pajamas, and took my dress to hang back up, and I quickly jumped under the covers while my mom tiredly slugged up next to me. I gave her a smooch and she smooched me back, and she turned off the lamp; the room turning entirely shadowy and black. As I laid my head down, all of the thoughts of today’s events rushed through my mind like a speeding bullet, tiring me more, and laying myself to slumber.

The End

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