One day I had gone to the school library with my friends to look for some books. After a long while, Emily - as usual - got bored and we decided to go see some magazines. 

Flicking the pages, I had noticed that the magazine I was reading was last seasons and I had seen it many time before.

Just as I went to return it, I saw Emily sniffing something from the magazine which she was reading. At first I thought it was perfume but as I examined it from a distance, I could not do anything but laugh. My other friends started laughing too when they followed my gaze.

Hearing our loud laughter, Emily looked curious to why we were on the floor. She stared back into the magazine and realized what she had done. The "perfume" she smelt was nothing other than those new scent tampons. A second later,  she joined us and we started cracking up altogether.

We also got a moral out of it; always check what you are going to smell.

The End

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