The Burning Bush

My eyes scan around me, searching for something to distract me.
Don't get me wrong, I do like looking after sheep, but, sometimes its incredibly boring. Nope, nothing so far.
I keep looking around, and finally I see something.
A burning bush, just 50 metres north.
That's normal.
I stare at it, thinking about everything.
As I keep staring at it, I notice that it isn't burning up.
It just keeps going strongly.
By all the laws of nature that I know of, it really should be a pile of ashes on the floor by now.
I wander over to it, keeping the sheep in my sights.

"Moses" A disembodied voice says as I approach the miricale. Naturally, I am scared.
Voices from nowhere knowing my name and bushes defiantly rebelling against nature, who wouldn't be?
"Moses. Take off your sandals. You are on holy ground. I am the Lord your God. The God of the Hebrews. The God of your ancestors."
I look away, terrified to look at God, because I know how bad I have been, and how unworthy I am. "Moses."
With my eyes still covered I ask God why he is talking to me.
"I have heard the misery of my people and I will save them. I will take them to a land flowing with milk and honey. And now I am sending you to free them."
It takes a few seconds to sink in then,
"What?!" I blurt out. "Me?! But, I, You, I, me, You, I, I can't! Send someone else!"
"I'm sending you. I will give you proof of my power. Take your staff, and throw it against the ground."
I oblige, and it turns into a snake. I jump back, terrified.
"Now take it by it's tail."
As I do that it turns back into my good old stick. I am stunned.
"Now, put your hand in your robe."
Again, I do as God says, and pull it out.
Once again, the power of God astounds me.
My hand has leprosy.
"Oh my gosh." That's all I have to say.
He tells me to do it again, and my hand is healed.
"God, I will go, but, who shall I say has sent me?"
"Tell them the I AM has sent you. Now go."
I put my sandals back on and I leave back to Midian, to tell them of my  mission.

The End

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