The Well

I'm at the well.
Drinking the water in deeply.
It's so so good.
There are these other guys here too. They seem to be harrasing these women.
"Get away from here this is our well!" They are saying.
"Get away!" They shoo the women away.
"No. We want to water our sheep. Let us use this well." One of the women says back, but they just push her away.
I get up and walk over to the men.
"Hey! What are you doing? Let the women use the well. Come on." I say to them, casually.
One of them hits me around my face, and I stumble back. 
Everyone stops.
If that man knew who he just punched he would be on his knees, begging to be killed quickly.
I kick him in the stomach, then as he doubles over I punch his chin up.
"Leave." I say with as much power and anger as I can.
The voice I used for ordering people around. "Now."
The men grab their camels and scuttle away, looking back at me occasionally.
I take the women's sheep to the well, draw out some water and let the sheep drink.
After a while the women thank me and leave with their sheep.

Ok now what?

The End

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