I'm running. Running faster than I have ever ran in my life.
I need to get away.
I don't belong here at all.
Meant to be a slave, or dead. Raised by betrayers, believing what they tell me. Finding out the truth. Killing one of the people who raised me. Now I am chased by them.
Why me?
Shouts behind me.
"Stop! Stop running!"
No. No more.
I'm leaving this place.
"NO! I'LL NEVER COME BACK!" I scream back at them. "NEVER!" 
I keep running. No one is ever gonna stop me. Running out of the city, out of breath but I'm still going.
Still going.

My gosh I'm thirsty.
This thirst will probably kill me soon.
No one will miss me.
No one will miss the only one.

Far into the desert now. I'm walking now.
All I can see is sand.
All there is is sand.
All there ever was was sand.
And finally on the horizon I see a dot that isn't sand.
I run towards it.
After a few minutes of running it gets a bit closer.
I decide it will take some time to get there so I'll walk.

I can see its a well now.
Thats weird.
I'll get there soon.

And all I can think is that I never knew it was possible to be this thirsty.

The End

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