To Kill An Egyptian

Wandering around Egypt, seeing what Pharoh is making the Hebrews build for him. A new pyramid. Another sculpture. It's interesting seeing the World from a new perspective.

Suddenly I hear a shout.
"Work harder!"
I spin around, to see who gave the order. 
An Egyptian overseer, whipping a Hebrew worker.
I keep watching to see why the Hebrew was being punished like this.
The Hebrew was still being whipped. Over and over.
The Egyptian has a horrible, cruel sneer as he whips the worker.
That's enough.
"Stop!" I shout. "Stop hitting him!" 
I start to briskly walk towards them.
Still whipping.
"STOP!" I scream.
Thats enough punishment for a murderer.
I finally arrive at the scene of unfair, unjust, unnecessary punishment.
There's no-one watching except for the overseer and the Hebrew.  I grab the whip from the Egyptians hands and throw it down to the ground.
"What are you doing?!" I shout at the overseer. He winces. "Who gave you the authority to do this to this man!?" I point at the Hebrew, lying on the floor, bleeding due to the insane amount of whips his body had withstood. I punch the overseer in the face. and kick him. In a fit of rage I keep attacking the man, knocking him to the floor and kicking his head and body. Blood is all over the sand. I lift my foot up and stamp on his face. I'm pretty sure the overseer is at least knocked out, but still I continue. Finally with one final stamp to the chest there is a nasty snapping sound, and the Egyptian's head flops sideways and his chest seems to stop moving. I drop down to my knees, immediatly regretful. I put my ear to his mouth to hear whether he is breathing.
I put my hand on his bloody chest, trying to detect a heart beat.
Again nothing.
Oh no. Ohnoohnonononono. I dig a quick hole in the sand and push the man in. Nonononononononononono. I cover him up and i brush some sand over the remaining blood. I also grab some sand and try to rub the blood off my hands and feet. When I look respectable I stand up and notice a lot of the Hebrews are staring at me.

The violence of my actions hits me again. Nonononono!
What have I done?!
I look around, horrified at myself and I run.

The End

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