Another Point Of Veiw

Today I will go out. I will.
I want to know how I see the World now that I know I am a Hebrew.
All right lets go.
I go to Ramses' chamber and tell him that I am going out, and would he like to come and ride around Egypt?
Good, I have a companion. We grab our chariots, pick out our horses and leave, racing at top speed.

We have been riding around Egypt for hours now and I have noticed things I have never bothered to notice before.
Like how badly the Hebrews are treated.
Like how they are forced to make monumentus towers, pyramids and sculptures.
And like how the Hebrews look at me. With fear and anger, that we have enslaved them. Earlier, before I explored Egypt from another point of veiw, I went down to look at history again.
Once more I found something. A long time ago the Hebrews came with someone called Joseph. He lived here and then died at the age of one hundred and ten. Then one day the old Pharoh died and a new Pharoh came into power and enslaved the Hebrews.
And from that day to this my real people have been slaves to the Egyptians.
Pretty unfair.

The End

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