A story about Moses in the Old Testament in the Bible from Moses point of veiw. Note: I took the basic storyline from the Bible and added my own commentry and made up my own theory about how he found out he was a Hebrew

I found out the truth earlier today.
I was on the Palace balcony, looking out upon the kingdom I once thought was soon to be mine. I wondered to myself how it all became ours. All the slaves, riches and everything.
So I decided to down to the caves where our whole history is recorded.
After a long time down there researching our history, I found something no one had ever told me about before. It must have been around the time I was born. Pharoh decided that the Hebrews were growing prosperous and giving birth to lots of babies. So he decided to throw every single Hebrew baby boy into the Nile.
This I found interesting. So I looked at this particular time and found something weird out. One morning, around the same time this was going on, A child was found. A Hebrew child. A Hebrew child in a basket was picked up by Pharoh's daughter while she was bathing in the Nile. She knew it was a Hebrew thanks to the fact that it had been circumsized. Like me. She decided to keep him. But obviously she couldn't baby sit him while he was so young, so she hired a Hebrew woman to look after him for a while. She even paid her to do this.
When the child was old enough, he was taken back to her and she named him Moses saying "I drew him out of the water". My name is Moses.
So I went to Pharoh and asked him whether it was true and I was really a Hebrew.
He told me it was.
My whole life I believed I was a prince of Egypt. I believed all of the Egyptian laws, and followed their Gods. All of this time not knowing that I was not one of them.
Everytime someone labelled me as an Egyptian prince, they were wrong. Everytime someone told me I was an Egyptian, it was a lie.
All lies.
My whole life was a lie.

The End

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