I shut the door behind me and slumped against it, putting my cold hands on my boiling head. Why is it so hard? Ever since that day, I've changed so much it's unbearable. And so has she. It was when I went into her room to find Rose in her underwear after she'd call me for an opinion on her outfit, that I realised how much she'd grown. It felt like only yesterday since we were playing tag and sharing a room. Over time I noticed how she'd grown not only physically, but... Well, mainly physically, not mentally at all! She's a complete idiot! Even so, my desire for wanting to be with her had grown even stronger, despite what I said to her.

I wandered to my bed, catching sight of myself in the mirror. I looked a right state. Messy blonde hair, bags under my green eyes, a natural down-tilt of my lips. I ran a hand through my hair before changing into my pyjama bottoms and climbing to bed, my torso bare. Pulling the covers over me, I wondered what we'd be like in the future, 20 years on from now. Both married, with kids, probably living nowhere near each other. For some reason this saddened me.

My mind pondering over it, a loud clanging noise took over. A mechanical screech carried on for some time, making me sit up and cover my ears. To follow that, terrified screams came from the farm, of about 10 people. I knelt on my bed and looked through the window, cupping my hands against it to block out the light. Surprisingly, I only saw the farm in it's normal state, although that's definately where the screams came from. It got louder and higher-pitched as a large fire suddenly erupted from our side of the farm. A man, who I assumed was the farmer, ran out with the fire engulfing him. He was screaming, but it soon turned into an evil laugh, as though it was all meant to happen.

After this disturbing scene, my body took over my mind. I ran over to my door and pulled it open, where you could see the front door. It burst inwards, the windows shattering and showing the whole place with glass shards. I was too stunned to scream. To add to all that, the hall windows smashed open by roughly 3 people's hands. Well, they weren't much of humans. There hands were a rough grey-green colour, with stitches and cuts in them. If they hadn't been moving, I'd have thought they were a dead man's hands. As the glass flew through the air at alarming speed and distance, one of the shards reached me and cut my forearm. I was back to reality.

Run! Run you fucking idiot! My mind shouted at me, but my body had other plans - again. I sprinted into Rosie's room, to see her curled up with her back against the wall, eyes scrunched up and fingers in her ears. She looked as vunerable as heaven itself.

The End

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