I lay in my bed, shivering, a slight draft drifting under my bedroom door. When Ray used to sleep in here, I never noticed it. But now it feels empty, and I feel alone.

I gave a small jump as there was a loud smashing noise; followed my some heavy clunking. It was coming from the farm next door, I should have been used to it by now. Seeing as I've lived in this room, this house, and this village for just under eighteen years now. Well, it will be eighteen when my -- I mean our -- birthday comes around this year. In August, to be exact.

There was some light rapping on my door, 'come in.'

'Hey, idiot, I heard you yelping. You still scared of the farm's machinery?' Ray stomped into my bedroom with a exasperated look on his face.

'Um... no?'

'Why are you saying it as if it were a question!?' Ray said incredulously, I pulled a face and stuck out my tongue out at him.

'Why can't we share a room anymore?' I asked, pouting.

'I didn't know you were that retarded.' Ray said coldly, I cocked my head to the side, waiting for him to explain. He paused before he did so, 'well, we're both seventeen now, eighteen in a month. We're getting a bit old now.'

'Are we?'

'You...' He gaped at me, shaking his head, his sandy blonde hair bobbing up and down.

'But we're twins, it's cool, right?' I beamed at him, sitting up. His eyesnarrowed as my pyjama shirt rode up.

'Your a complete idiot, you don't understand anything.' He grumbled, 'anyway, how're you going to tell mum that you got the lowest grade in your class?'

'I'll just tell her.'

'It's your fucking A-Levels.'


'Your life depends on these exams, it's actually a wonder that you passed you GCSE's.' He grunted, walking out and slamming the door behind him.

I sighed, Ray wasn't the same nowerdays. He was rude and cold and cynical. And mean, he used to be so much nicer, I think he's suffering from lack of sleep because of all the noises in the farm next door.

I gave a little shrug and turned over in the dire hope I could fall asleep...

The End

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