Chapter Three

I simply nodded slowly like an idiot. It was amazing, finding out there were others, no matter how freaky they were. But thinking of that put an idea in my head.

“Why wasn’t I told there were others?” I asked.

“We weren’t either,” said Ben, speaking for the first time. “We found out. I found out by half-seducing a female guard.”

“I stole a bunch of files while on a mission, where I met our Dusty,” smiled Liam.

“That was definitely an interesting night,” Dusty chuckled. “If I recall, we spent so much time trying to kill each other, we were nearly caught.”

“How did you find out?” I asked Vance.

“Oh, um, it’s really not worth talking about...” he mumbled.

“It is worth talking about, just for all the wrong reasons,” said Rider.

Vance glared at him and obviously wasn’t going to elaborate. I turned to Rider.

“How did you find out?” I asked.

“Me? Oh, I’m not technically a mutant,” he said, smirking to himself.

“Then what are you?” I asked, confused.

“Well, I’m a demon that looks really good in leather.”


“I do look pretty awesome in leather, you’ve got to admit. But yeah, demon. Well, son of a demon but yeah.”

“You don’t look much like a demon,” I commented, stupidly.

He smirked. “And what do demons look like?”

I blushed and looked at the floor.

“Mostdemons don’t cooperate with the US army but on this occasion, we have common enemies. Many, in fact. But try not to get me angry nevertheless. Speaking of enemies...” he trailed, gritting his teeth for no apparent reason.

He pushed himself up and strode out of the room. I looked at Liam for an answer to the question I was thinking. He glanced around at the others, who all looked at Vance. Following their gaze, I realised something... Vance wasn’t there.

Dusty stood up quickly and hurried out of the room. Ben, Liam and I weren’t far behind. Dusty stopped and looked at us over her shoulder. Holding a finger to her lips, she pointed up at the high ceiling. I knew there was nothing special about the ceiling; I’d lived there for the fifteen years I’d been alive. I knew they were just ceilings, but the others scoured them, looking for something.

I was about to ask what they were doing, when I saw something move. It was hard to see. Whatever it was seemed to shimmer, but there was nothing there to catch the light. Just for a moment, there was a flash of black. Low voices began to drift to my ears. Dusty held her fists to her chest, as if she was preparing to fight. She stopped outside a door. It was the door that opened into one of the sitting rooms.

The End

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