Chapter Two (Part Two)

Sat at a round table in the middle of the room, were three others. They all looked fairly normal, except for the guy with the scarlet eyes. There was one other girl there, maybe sixteen, for which I was grateful. Her black hair was contrasted by pale blue eyes that did their best to hide the suffering. One of the boys, the one with the red eyes had stark white hair. Entirely clad in leather, he had his feet up on the table as if he owned the world. The final guy seemed to be doing his best to blend into the background, something his bright blue hair obviously made rather difficult.

“Guys, this is Fallon,” said Liam calmly.

“Fallon, as in F39-42?” asked the red-eyed boy.

“The very same,” Liam replied. “Fallon, this is Rider, Ben and Dusty. Where’s Vance?”

The girl – Dusty – raised an eyebrow and pointed off into a dark corner. “Do you really need to ask?” she said with a hint of distaste.

“I can hear you,” came a rattling voice from the shadows.

“Vance, you can stop hiding now,” Liam said comfortingly. The voice just laughed. It was a sound that chilled me right to the bone. It scratched and clawed at my ears.

“I quite like my little corner here, in the dark,” the voice replied. It made me freeze, keeping me rooted to the spot in fear. I had feeling I didn’t particularly want to meet this one.

“Do I really have to drag you out?” asked Rider, the one with the white hair. “Using my... special methods?”

A hiss rolled forward and then there was silence. I guessed that the thing was deliberating whether to come out or not. Rider’s threat seemed to do it; there was movement in the dark ahead. The thing moved along the ceiling. It came forward, to the very edge of the shadows. Tentatively placing a hand into the light, it seemed to realise there was no danger so it scuttled forward and dropped to the floor, crouching low. It didn’t look up, though it seemed to be muttering to itself.

“Get up, Vance,” said Rider. He seemed to be the one running the show.

After a second or two, Vance, the creature huddled not two metres away from me, stood up slowly. His jet black hair matched his jet black eyes. His fingers twitched with anxiety, preparing for something. Once he’d fully straightened up, I was shocked by his appearance; it was completely normal, except for the eyes of course. I’d been expecting some horrible beast, but this guy... He could have fitted in with society, had he worn sunglasses all the time.

“Hi,” he said quietly. His voice, too, was normal, not the horrible scratching sound I’d heard a minute before.

“Hi,” was all I could say.

“Sorry if I scared you. I’m Vance. If you’re ever looking for me, just find somewhere dark and quiet,” he said.

The End

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