Chapter One

I stood from my crouch. Standing on the metal fence in front of me, I grabbed the zip wire that went all the way across the room. I pushed off the metal fence and flew down the wire. As I neared the wall, I let go, dropping to the floor.

The new guy who'd been staring at me yelped in surprise. I smirked in satisfaction and left the lab. It was fun to scare the new people, especially when they were holding dangerous chemicals. I walked through the corridors aimlessly. Eventually I reached the training room and stopped. I opened the door and went in, silent as always.

Kaine was training some new recruits and was the only one to notice my entrance. He glanced upwards, towards the ceiling, then around the training soldiers. I nodded, understanding what it was he wanted. Suspended from the ceiling was a metal platform. Either side of it were barriers to stop you falling. I spent most of my time up there, on the barriers that is, mainly when there was nothing interesting going on in the lab.

Walking silently up the metal staircase and along the hanging platform, I took deep breaths, preparing myself like Kaine taught me. The training recruits looked so weak from where I was. Jumping up, I threw my legs out so I was balanced on the barriers. Kaine glanced up briefly – that was my cue. I jumped. Upon landing in the middle of the group, I lashed out with coordination and precision. Shutting my mind, along with my eyes, I simply let instinct take over. When I sensed there were no more targets, I opened my eyes to view the scene of devastation I’d caused. The group of nine or ten specially chosen soldiers were all on the floor groaning or unconscious. Kaine laughed out loud, making me smile.

"You've been beaten by a fifteen year old girl with her eyes closed!" he laughed. "Ten grown men beaten by a girl!"

I got a few dirty looks from the men, though I didn't care what they thought of me.

"Oh, Fallon, Landy wanted to see you earlier. I don't know why he didn't bother just going to the lab and getting you but he asked to see you. It was urgent from the sound of it," Kaine informed me.

I frowned and nodded. Why would Landy want to see me? He never asked to see me unless I'd put someone in hospital or there was a possible threat. I turned on my heel and walked out of the room. Hurrying along the corridors, I wondered why. If it was because of my 'squabbles' with the soldiers, as he called the fights, he would have come to the lab, lectured me for ten minutes and left. He wouldn't have asked to see me.

The End

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