Nikt knew not what had rescued her, but knew that it was similar to her. A male. A strong and resilient creature who could lift her even in such distracting stimuli had put her in the shade. But he was strange and he said strange and harsh words and she felt threatened. 

When she felt his warmth approach her she had to protect herself, and what weapons did she have but her teeth? 

The male creature was strong, but so was she. Her fingers clawed at his rough face, scratching along coarse hair. He threw her off of him and she landed on the soft ground. She felt his desperate footfalls. Through the earth she felt something being lifted. She felt him calm, and suddenly she knew she had made a mistake. 

"Stay down!" the low and harsh voice cried. She curled herself up into a ball and hissed, knowing he had a weapon stronger than her teeth. 

"Move and I shoot."

Nikt's ears twitched. The accent was strange but the words he uttered seemed familiar. Although she didn't know what the word shoot meant, she could understand the words 'move' and 'I' and that was all she needed to know. She sat frozen as he approached nearer. His heavy breath was terrifying. His footfalls were threatening. 

She curled up even more and thought of her brother. She wondered where he was. Tears began to trickle down from her eyes. The male being stopped moving and only stood there. For a long while nothing happened except for the gentle fall of tears. She waited for death but it did not come. 

Nikt cracked open her eyes and saw the figure standing over her, one large shadow, and saw him put down the weapon. 

"Bit," she croaked. "Please."

The End

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