White DemonMature

"Holy shit," Jeram breathed, completely ignoring the wind that gnawed at his sopping wet clothes and face. The moment his hand came in contact with the ghost he knew he wasn't dealing with a ghost at all. Her hand, cold, frail, pale as the moon, reached up and quaked. Her ears, large and pointed, twitched restlessly. Her cracked open eyes were milky white. She was a spirit no doubt...that is if he believed at all in that sort of thing. 

Jeram waited for a sign, but the girl only writhed on the dirt, her soaked robes, fine white garments, clung to her thin frame and tangled around her legs. Her pale matted hair clung to her face. Her mouth opened in a silent cry, but no sign or prophesy was uttered. He turned away until a small croak came from the creature's lips. 

Jeram suddenly felt the cold that was chilling his blood. He crouched down to the girl and tried listen, to hear her message, or perhaps to come nearer to the heat of the earth. He listened for the small bit of life of a creature he couldn't comprehend. She squeaked something unintelligible once more but he didn't understand until she screamed and gasped as the light of the sun touched her face. 

Jeram understood and he quickly pulled her into the shade of trees. He laid her up against one of their trunks and the girl fumbled over the bark, feeling its course texture as if reading it. Her eyes were closed, her ears twitched and her breathing was rapid, as if panicked. He reached over, trying to calm her with a gentle hand. 

Before his fingers even made contact a still calm seemed to sweep over her in an instant and in the next she was clawing at his face and at his hands. Jeram shouted and grappled with the strange yet beautiful spirit girl, cursing the whole time. 

Finally he threw the frail thing off of him and reached for his crossbow. 

The End

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