A crash. A shift. Sift. Sift. Sift. Eyes open. Soft light. A hand. A face. Gasp. Grip. Hold on! Hold on! Drowning. Suffocating. 


Black. Warmth. It hurts, but it goes away. Fades away. Pain. Pain. Let it float away. 

Sorry, Bit. 

Let it fade away in a gentle throbbing pain. 

Nikt coughed up water and gasped for breath. She opened her eyes to the silhouette of a man shading the light and a curious fuzziness of the air. She sputtered and turned, trying to rid the pain from her chest. The whole earth buzzed. The light swam around her eyes.

"Shit," an unfamiliar voice resonated loud and piercing. 

The Above was full of buzzing, buzzing, buzzings. 

The End

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