The AboveMature

Light. Blinding. Swarming. Spinning. Shades. Shadow. Light. Hot, hot, hot. Burning.

Air. Dry. Whip, whip, whip. Into the mouth unwanted. Drafts. Everywhere.

Soft. Coarse. Damp. Sharp. Smooth.

Roaring. Buzzing. Whirring. Whipping. Whining. Rush, rush, rush. Too much. Too much!

The water. The darkness. The damp. It's there. To the left past the ground of hair. Coarse. Smooth. Soft. Sharp. Go. Retreat to where it's safe. Crack! Wish. Mounds. Smooth.

Hot hot hot hot burning!

Step step step trip roll.

Crawl splash claw. Sense it. The water. The cool and inviting calm. Reach it. Be it. Dive into it.

Splash, swim, dive, sink, fall.

A cradle. A gentle caress. The noise dies out. Eyes open. The gentle light. The cool touch. The feeling and sensing of all. Absorb. Sink low to the safety. The movement is gone.

Safe now. Just drown. Safe now.

The End

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