Chapter 1 - What Happened Here?

He smells fresh baked bread in the kitchen so he quickly grabs a loaf of bread that's still warm sitting on the table in the kitchen. The kitchen was small and consisted of a small wood stove and an oven. It has a small crudely made table for dining on, with two splinter ridden yet sturdy chairs.

Confused, he begins to ask himself, “What happened to the people of the village.” He wanders into the town center and sees strange markings burned onto the ground. They are in the form of strange demonic looking sigils. The sigils are slightly imprinted into the dirt. They go into the dirt about one inch deep. They are in a ritualistic looking circle. The circle has the sigils around the border of the circle creating the outer ring. On the inside of the circle, there is a pentagram with demonic looking inscriptions along each line. The pentagram is also imprinted into the dirt about an inch deep.

Intrigued he says, “Possibly some sort of magic has made the people of this town vanish. I have this feeling it was something dark and evil.”


He wanders into the blacksmith shop that still smells of coal and hot iron. The shop looks like any other blacksmith, it's got a large chimney type ventilation and small rugged looking workshop attached. Inside he sees the forge is still hot and there is some basic equipment inside hanging on some racks on the walls. There are all sorts of tools such as hammers, tongs, and thick leather gloves hanging behind a large, well used dark grey colored anvil. He quickly equips himself with some iron armour and a one handed sword. The sword feels familiar in his hands but he can't place where he gets the feeling. Hiro swings the sword around a few times making slashing and stabbing motions. He moves with almost a natural grace and it feels very familiar.


He goes over to the general store which has a strange old smell; it's almost like herbal incense. It’s filled with loads of shelves and each shelf has any number of things on each. They contain things like various herbs, camping equipment, dried meats, and potions. There is an old looking counter sitting near the back of the shop. It’s smooth and well used. It’s also made from cedar and has a smell of wood infused with a mix of herbs. He grabs a few healing herbs and some other provisional items including a knapsack, some antidotes, a tent, tinder, flint, a knife, some more food, and a canteen. He also takes the gold that's behind the counter, adding up to about one hundred gold pieces. Finally he sees the road out of town and it's a well packed hard dirt road with sprouts of grass poking through the center. He sees the ruts in the road from the countless carts that have traveled on it over the years. There are dried leaves of all colors lining the road and he can see the hoof prints of the horses that travel along it. He fills his canteen at the stream and begins hiking down the old dust covered road.

The End

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