Chapter 1 - A Hero Wakes

Hiro wakes up in the woods, naked and alone. He is roughly six feet tall, his body is well chiseled. He has long black hair that runs about halfway down his back. He still has the same soul piercing deep blue eyes. He has a few scars on his body but most notably a large “X” shaped scar on his chest. Each line of the “X” starts from each of his shoulders and goes across his chest down to the opposite side of his abdomen, with the center of the “X” in the center of his chest. His face is stern and he has a goatee with five o’clock shadow, causing him to look rough yet groomed at the same time. He is confused, he seems to be in his own body just significantly older. He looks down and sees the scars across his body, feeling the unfamiliar ridges of his unsmooth skin.

He asks himself, “What the hell is going on here? Where am I?” Startled by his own deep voice, he jumps and looks around confused.

Confused he says, “Wow, why is my voice so deep? Seriously what is going on? I’m naked and alone in the woods. Why is my body covered in all these scars? Man, I sure have a lot of catching up to do! I wonder if I can find anybody who remembers me or anything about me.” He looks around once again, still seeing nobody in sight.


As he begins to wander he hears a stream in the distance and begins walking towards it hearing the leaves crunch under his feet. He feels the brisk air on his skin. The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors with the season; red, orange, yellow, and brown. There is cotton floating around the air as well. He see the cotton swirl through the air as a gently breeze spins and shoots it in all directions. The woods consist of both cottonwood trees and cedars. When he arrives at the stream, he drinks some of the cold refreshing water. The stream is roughly three feet wide and flowing very fast. The water is clear and you can see the bedrock. The water is only about one foot deep. He begins to hike up stream in hopes to find some sort of civilization. Although something strange is going on.

With a puzzled look on his face he says, “It’s quiet, too quiet. What in the hell is really going on here?” He hears nothing; no animals, no bugs, nothing, just the stream and the crunching of leaves under his feet. The only thing he can smell is the cool water from the stream and the wood from the cottonwood and cedar trees. Still baffled as to why everything seems so strange yet so familiar.He continues hiking along the stream and eventually runs into an abandoned town, the chimneys are still puffing with smoke.


Strangely the town seems to still be intact but nobody is in sight. He walks up to a house and stares wondering if he should go inside or not. It's cheaply made shack on the edge of town. The door doesn't even have a lock on it. He opens the door and walks inside and he sees there are clothes and food inside. He begins nervously sifting through the clothes, keeping an eye out for anybody possibly still lurking in the house. In the clothes he sees several basic white, black and brown short sleeved shirts. He also sees several pairs of black and dark blue pants. He also sees a pair of dark brown leather boots on floor next to the dresser. He quickly puts on a  black shirt and a pair of black pants, then grabs the leather boots but sees a light brown studded leather belt. He puts the belt on as well. The bedroom he is standing in is small and has crudely made furniture. A dresser, bed, nightstand, and a chest at the foot of the bed. He opens the chest and sees among other things, a small axe resembling a hatchet. He picks up the old rusty hatchet and hooks it into his belt.

The End

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