Chapter 1 - A Horrible Memory

The story follows a Hero named Hiro on a journey that starts out about revenge but becomes something more. He meets friends along the way, some join him, others do not. He falls in love and fights to protect it. He is tracking down a demon who destroyed his village and left him for dead.

"We all have our darkness but there cannot be shadows without the light"


Hiro is a child of five years old. He is about three feet and three inches tall. He has short spiked black hair and a gold colored headband tied around his forehead. He also has deep blue eyes that look as if they can see directly into your soul. He is a scrawny child for his age; very thin. He is in his house taking a nap when suddenly he hears the ear piercing screams of the people in his village. He runs outside and sees a horrific sight; a large and powerful demon is cutting everybody down with a nasty grotesque double bladed sword. As he cuts each person down he places his hand on their chest and Hiro sees a strange glow come from the demon’s hand. As the demon lifts his hand from their chest it opens up and suddenly what looks like to be the persons very essence is absorbed into the demon’s clawed dark colored hand. As the demon finishes, the body of the person goes completely limp and is thrown to the ground. That's when it happens; the demon sees Hiro and begins to charge towards him. Hiro frantic with fear and begins to sprint away as fast as he possibly can. The demon dashes at a speed that makes him appear as a blur. He catches Hiro in a matter of seconds. Hiro starts squirming around struggling to get free from the demon’s grasp. The demon puts his hand on Hiro’s chest and begins to drain him as he did the others. He feels this horrible hot burning sensation in his chest and a red “X” appears on his flesh. It creates a large “X” shaped opening. As his body begins to numb with the sheer pain of his soul being ripped from his body, he starts to cry but something happens. Hiro sees his parents begin casting spells at the demon. They are gold colored balls of pure energy. The demon drops Hiro to the dirt. As he lays there bleeding feeling as if a reaper will come at any moment to claim his soul. Hiro looks on helpless as his parents get ripped to shreds; this demon is ruthless in his attacks. Suddenly Hiro feels a calming warm sensation in his heart. His body begins to glow with a strange gold colored energy and a dome of the same gold aura surrounds him. He looks for his parents corpses to be on the ground limp just as the others but he does not see them. They have vanished. They have cast a spell that now protects Hiro but it extinguishes them from existence. Their very souls become one with their child in the ultimate sacrifice. The demon quickly turns his attention back to Hiro as he is the last surviving person left in the village. As the demon tries to reach for him, the dome burns his hand. The demon roars with a mighty vigor. Suddenly Hiro blacks out.

The End

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