19 years oldMature

I panted heavily; I tasted blood in my mouth, I knew I had to keep on moving. I held the scrap of paper tight my chest as I ran, it was the only proof I had. My brain told me to keep going, but my feet told me otherwise. Knowing I had to find somewhere to sleep tonight.

A gust of wind directed me to a small alleyway where I tried camouflaging into the darkness. My copper hair was hidden beneath a dark hood and I was dressed to survive. I wouldn’t, couldn’t even, give up now.

 Turning my head I saw them. They were here! I ran into a near alleyway and pressed my back to the wall and tried to control my breathing. A door creaked open to the left of me.  A man beckoned to me, “QUICK! In here!”

Scared shitless I stepped back but heard shouting coming from the end of the alleyway. They had seen me now. I had no choice but to go. I had to follow this stranger.

Would I be trapped?

The End

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