Morningfrost's Story

Morningfrost is the current Whirlpoolclan medicine cat. She may rarely be mentioned, but thiers something about this cat that deserves a story.

Morningkit lazily twitched her tail. Weedkit was chasing her tail in circles. Morningkit grunted misrebly. "Get your tail'outta my face!" She hissed. "You too play nice now." Meowed Murkypelt. Morningkit made a face. "Can we go see what its like outside?" Asked Weedkit exitedly. "Fine. You coming Bloomheart?" Meowed Murkypelt. Bloomheart rolled onto her back, her tabby fur ilumminated by the sun. "May as well. Boneykit, Melodykit? Do you want to go outside?" She asked. The two grey kits meowed exitedly as they left the nursery. Whirlpelt was listening intently to Riverstar's instructions. Cottonleaf was helping Minnowpaw to catch as fish in the river flowing around the Whirlpoolclan camp. Murkypelt shook her fur, taking in the sweet scents of the air. "I love this time of year." She meowed nudging Morningkit and Weedkit foward. Its no fair! I want to be a medicine cat apprentice! But at this rate there's no dount Minnowpaw will take my place! Morningkit thought misrebly. Her older sister Minnowpaw meowed greeting. Morningkit turned away and pretended to chase Weedkit. Toadpaw and Lionpaw were catching fish in the river. Toadpaw pushed her brother in. Morningkit felt smaller than ever. I want Weedkit to push me into the water! She thought. Weedkit nudged her. "Wow, i never knew Riverstar was so....big!" She meowed aloud. Riverstar turned and laughed. Morningkit flicked her tail in anoyhance. She headed towards Cottonleaf. Cottonleaf had only recently become medicine cat, and wasn't desprate to take on an apprentice. Morningkit looked at the sky. There was no sighn of rain. Morningkit and Weedkit had been born in the rain. Morningkit began really chasing Weedkit. "You can't catch me!" Weedkit taunted. Morningkit hissed. "Bet i can!" She laughed, pouncing on her sister. "Gee OW get off!" Weedkit hissed as Morningkit backed away. "You two, Riverstar just called a meeting. Pay attention!" Murkypelt scolded. She picked the kits up and placed them beneath the high pebble. Riverstar was sitting next to Cottonleaf...and Minnowpaw! "Minnowpaw and Cottonleaf have dicided that Minnowpaw will become the next medicine cat apprentice!" Riverstar meowed, twitching his tail. Minnowpaw smiled as Morningkit scowled. Thats not fair! Do Starclan hate me? She thought. "I recived a sighn that a minnow was jumping out of the water, and sick cats ate it and it made them better." Cottonleaf meowed. Morningkit felt even smaller than earlier. Murkypelt was purring. Weedkit was just smiling. Morningkit decided as soon as she was an apprentice she was going to replace Minnowpaw by doing all she could to be strong.


Murkypelt settled into her den. "How are you?" She asked, rasping her tounge over Morningkit. Morningkit sighed. "I wanted to be the medicine cat apprentice..." She meowed. Murkypelt purred. "Well you've only got to wait til tommorow until your an apprentice. Maybe Cottonleaf will change his mind!" Morningkit shook her head. That was never going to happen.

The End

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