Morning Star


On the planet Viridian, there was only two continents,F'lar and Taln.  When people moved from F'lar to Taln because of persecution, they found that it was rich in soil, had good mountain barriers, and it was surrounded by good waters full of fish.  But when it rained, they realized that this rain was full of acid and would eat away at anything.  Only stone, metal, and fire could stop it. 

The people eventually fell in numbers, either eaten by the Acid, they decided to call it, or the hungry beasts from nearby forests.  Soon, people were planning to go back to F'lar when a young boy named Parlen, stumbled upon a golden egg in one of the forests.

It hatched a few weeks later and out came a little golden queen dragon.  Parlen named her Isabella and together, they flew into the sky and burned the Acid, saving the people from further harm.

Parlen was crowned King of Taln and with Isabella, they would go and save Taln from Acid every month.

Soon, Isabella mated with a bronze and had six eggs of her own, four browns, one bronze, and one gold.  Parlen had five of his closest friends keep the browns and the bronze, but he gave the gold queen egg to a servant girl that he had admired from a far, Song.

Song was very talented at music, she would always be the musician for festivals and other things.  But Parlen saw her as his potential wife and when the golden queen hatched for her, he knew he was right.

King Parlen and Queen Song ruled a successful life, keeping their land from harm and the people within it.

The End

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