Morning Ritual

Tear stained eyes opened at the sound of the alarm. It rang and it rang but the woman seemed to have fallen asleep without a wink. A few minutes passed by and the alarm stopped. The woman, who merely glanced at the now quiet clock, grudgily went out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. After a shower that lasted for a blink of an eye, the woman stood in front of the mirror and surveyed her soulless eyes as she started one of her important morning rituals: a magic done with the use of concealers, make-ups and lipsticks that hides her swollen eyes, red nose, and pale lips. After all the rituals, the now professional looking woman went out and walked towards an empty park. There she stayed behind a tree and waited. Waited for a glimpse of life. Waited for the lost chance. Minutes after minutes passed by... and after what seemed like an eternity, a group of doctors emerged from a nearby hospital, probably off to a cafe for their daily dose of coffee. And there among those doctors was her life. The life that was once her’s. The life to her soulless eyes. The life that she lost. And for those few minutes that she stared at that girl laughing along with her co-workers, a sad smile graced her features. A pained smile. But a smile nonetheless. Her first smile of the day and probably her last.

As the girl disappeared into the horizon, rivers slowly flowed out of her eyes: rivers of loneliness and regret. And the smile faded.

Tomorrow, before going to work, she will do this again. And the day after that. And the day after that day. Maybe even for the rest of her life.

The End

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