Morning People

Coffee.  That's what I needed.  Coffee.  Not a shower, not yoga, but coffee.  With real sugar and real cream.  Maybe some vanilla.

6:00 a.m., thirty minutes later than I intended to get up originally, but it was just so damn early.  Too early.  I should be up by now, up and excited.  After all today is my first day on the job down at Park Federal Bank.  I had agreed to be in by 7:00 a.m. at the request of my new boss, Grant Knowles.  Why had I agreed?  I couldn't afford not to, or so I thought. 

After 9 years as "His" wife I was just really entering the workforce.  Sure I've worked outside of the home before as a cashier and later some light accounting, but nothing I could say was a career.  That said, I was more than a little shocked to be offered a position as an Internal Auditor at the bank. Truly a mystery!

"OK", to no one but myself, "Get up Christie, now!"  I got up - it really wouldn't do to be late on the very first day.

The End

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