The Following Day: 8:40-8:50 amMature

I felt my breathe turn cold as I walked out of the moonlight, a silhouette of darkness soon following suit. What was the secret to this amazing girl? And why, of all people, would she trust me as a partner in crime? These questions danced in my head as I collapsed into the tall grass, overcome with fatigue. My eyes slowly shutting, only wondering how much I would dream of her tonight." 

I reread the words several times before I came to a conclusion. "This is not awful. The last line could use some work, but I think I'm coming back." I wasn't sure what my primary emotion was that time. It may have been happy, due to the fact my writing stopped sucking. It may have been excited, now that I could get back to my writing. Or maybe it was both worry and exhaustion, as I noticed that the clock read 8:45 am, I hadn't slept, and the bus was coming around the corner. 

I was not used to staying up all night, and was unsure what to do about my current problem. Quickly, a list of thoughts flew through my head:

  1. There is no way I can make it to the bus.
  2. I will never be able to get ready in time.
  3. I probably wouldn't even be able to get dressed. I should ask my mom for a ride.
  4. Claire will be on the bus.
  5. I'm really stupid.

The fifth thought played over and over in my mind as I shot like a bullet out of my house and towards the bus stop, carrying only what had previously been inside my backpack, and my journal. I have no good reason for why I brought the journal.

Just as I was beginning to approach the bus stop, I saw a figure a little ways away running into the forest. Now of course, if I thought this was anyone who wasn't Claire, I would just ignore it and continue my way onto the bus. I however recognized the shirt immediately as the one Claire wore the day we officially met.

"So what?" I said to myself. "Lots of people own that shirt, it could be anyone. No need to go chasing after someone who you may not know." 

So naturally, I continued running into the forest.

"Claire!" I called out. I would've said more, but I was quickly running out of breath, and need to concentrate all of my energy on catching up to her. I'm not going to lie, I'm not entirely sure why I was chasing after her in the first place, it's not like I thought she was in danger or anything. I guess the main reason was that after she told me she would be at school today, I assumed she wouldn't be going on anymore mystery missions.

A thought crossed my mind. Am I really this obsessed with Claire? I've only known the girl a few weeks and I'm reacting like I'm in love with her, which I'm sure I'm not. Maybe I just wanted to make sure that, if anything was happening, I would be able to offer help. 

By the time I got to the edge of the forest I couldn't see any indication of where she may have gone. I turned around and saw that the bus was also long gone. Exhausted, both from running and lack of sleep, I sat down. Trying very hard not to pass out, I opened my journal and took another look at the line I had ended with. "My eyes slowly shutting, only wondering how much I would dream of her tonight." I repeated the line again and again under my breath. While I was doing this, I realized that I had no idea what I was doing with myself. The me in my story seems completely in love with the Claire in my story, is that why I'm beginning to do that same? It's possible that the main reason I want to know more about Claire is so that I can have a more accurate portrayal of her, but I would never go this far for something so trivial, regardless of the situation. 

I looked on into the forest. Living in Astoria all my life, I knew that it would take a few days to navigate the whole wood, and I definitely didn't have a few days. On the other hand, I was missing school at the time, and I didn't think I had anything better to do. I stood facing the trees. I still couldn't tell if Claire really ran in here or not, and this may be one giant waste of time. But I was so beyond overtired that I wasn't, and was in the right mood for an adventure.

"I have no idea what I am doing." I proclaimed. And with that, I began into the forest.

The End

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