Morning ExtraordinaryMature

This is a simple story about how a boy's view on life is changed by the girl of his dreams. My first dramatic story

It was the time of night where the sky was just beginning to grow dark. I was lying on my front lawn, drawing circles in the clouds with my finger. I could hear a siren in the distance, but was unfazed. This was a summer night for me, and I was set on enjoying it.

As I stared into the blackening abyss of the universe and watched slowly as the stars became visible to my eyes, I couldn't help but think of my intoxicatingly beautiful next door neighbour. "Was she watching me as I lay?" "What did she think about me?" "I wonder how easily I could get her into bed." These thoughts danced in my mind for a matter of minutes into the night, and continued as rain began to fall. I liked the rain, because to me it always reminded me of the ocean, if the ocean was divided into trillions of tiny fragments divided across many square miles, and I liked oceans. I have ever since I was three, and my parents took me boogie boarding on the beach just outside of my town. As a child, this was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had.

As the rain picked up, it became increasingly difficult to continue writing. Partially due to the fact that I had forgotten to grab a binder before I started writing so I could keep my work dry, and partially because I was using a pen, and the pen tends to disagree with wet. I looked over my story so far.

"Junk. Pure junk." I mumbled. I have no idea what provoked me to write down any of these words, but it all just seemed artificial to me. And as a teenager who writes stories instead of going to house parties, I strive to make sure that I am perceived as very, very real. And at no point in time do I believe that thoughts "dancing in my mind" is an idea that will be accepted by my readers. And by readers, of course I meant absolutely no one.

"You're gonna catch cold if you stay out here much longer," a voice shouted towards me. My eyes looked up to see my neighbour, the girl I referenced sleeping with earlier, walking towards me. As she approached, I saw that she was holding a towel in her left hand, and a cell phone in her right. I grabbed my crappy story and brought myself to my feet, standing in army position (though I wasn't entirely sure why). Immediately, the towel was thrown from her hand and over my head. I paused for a brief moment, and then wrapped the towel over my shoulders. She smiled at me. "Come on inside, I'm making tea."

"I don't want to be a bother."

"It's no trouble, I could use the company." And with that, we ran into her house.

I wasn't entirely sure what I liked so much about this girl, after all, I didn't even know her name. Maybe it was how her eyes were so piercing blue I swear they were made from sapphires. Maybe it was how her face had features that angels could only dream about. Or maybe, as I was a teenage boy, it was because she had a very curvy figure complete with long smooth legs, a thin, but not too thin waist, a nice bodacious bottom, and perfectly round D-cup breasts. I didn't know, but overall I concluded that she was extremely attractive. I was still thinking about that when I heard the kettle going off in the kitchen.

"Sugar or honey?" she asked.

"What kind of tea is it?" Yes, the kind of tea made a difference in what I wanted to sweeten it with.

"Green, my personal favorite." As she finished saying that, she blew an air kiss to the air.

"Definitely sugar then." I replaced the towel with a blanket and began to snuggle it on the couch. She then placed the tea gently on the coffee table in front of me, making it very tempting to stare down her shirt. Fortunately I restrained myself, poorly. I was about to lie down before she sat next to me, and then I decided against it.

"I see you around alot nowadays," she began. "How have we never spoken before today?"

"Honestly, I just don't think I've ever had much to say." I took a drink from the tea. I've never been a big fan of green tea before, but this I liked.

"Of course you do! You could, perhaps, start a conversation about how much you love my legs." I choked on what little green tea I hadn't swallowed and covered my mouth with my hand. I knew I was about to cough it out, and I would prefer, and I'm sure she would as well, if it didn't go all over her table. Instead, it shot out my mouth and down my face. Sometimes I hate having small hands. She laughed, not with me, but at me, as she picked up a napkin and cleaned my chin.

"You've noticed that have you?" I tried to compose myself and regain my dignity. I failed.

"You weren't exactly discreet," she took a big sip of the tea, as if to show that she was a better tea drinker than I was. "I'm not so sure that I'm comfortable with that. I'm more than a pair of legs you know."

"Don't worry," I smiled. "I stare at every inch of you equally." She giggled, with me this time. "Smooth," I thought to myself "Real smooth."

"You're kind of funny, I like funny. We should talk more." She put her hand on my leg, I felt chills everywhere in my body, particularly that leg. I nodded, and continued drinking. "Then it's settled, we are officially friends now. Therefore, I hereby demand that you tell me your name." I got up from the couch, still soaking wet, and knelt in front of her.

"As you wish milady. Sir Jason Martindale at your service." She stood up and tapped my shoulder with her finger.

"Well acquainted Sir Martindale, I am Queen Claire Wilson, of Astoria." I couldn't get the smile off of my face until I heard my watch go off. 10:00 pm. My parents would be expecting me home now.

"I have to go. Me and my dad are playing soccer with some family friends tomorrow."

She picked up the cups and brought them into the kitchen. "School starts next week, I certainly hope you'll be a little more social by then."

"I promise," I opened the door, stopped, and looked back. "Farewell my queen."

"Farewell Sir Jason." As I walked out of that house I found a new bit of confidence that I haven't seen before, and I loved it. Certainly I had admired Claire for the past few months of summer, but the thought of befriending her seemed unrealistic. I was happy though, I wasn't entirely sure how happy, but happy nonetheless.

That was then. And then, I had no idea how much of a miracle it was that I met this girl.

The End

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