Morning Buzz

The alarm sounded just as she lifted her head and tilted it slightly to see the time on her alarm clock. With her eyes still a blur and squinted half shut the glare of the red numbers became clear. 6:15am repeated in her head over and over again as she pressed the snooze button while slithering back under the covers. Motivation vanishes as she sank deeper into what she knew as a 9 minute pleasing tease. Within what felt like 9 seconds the alarm was sounding even louder then the first time around. Jolting with a twist she slammed down the snooze button, this time switching off the alarm as well. A hint of anger and irritation bubbled through her tired body as she ripped the covers off and dragged her legs over the side of the bed so she could  make her way to the bathroom. A simple yawn and a roaring stretch sent shivers up her spine as she starts yet another day.

The End

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