chapter one

this is the start or a teen novel I am working on about a young boy named Jack that meets a magic teddy bear Elliot. Elliot spends the nights fighting demons a protecting dreams. together they embark on a journey throughout the in-between worlds. Jack learns to master his new found powers as he, Elliot and the rest of their friends fight to defeat a demon and a mysterious man known as Dark

This story begins on a dark and stormy night. The wind shakes the house like a toy and the rain hits the earth with an impact so great it echoes through the streets. This storm is so frightening it makes sleeping an impossible task. Among this storm is one small boy who cannot sleep. His name is Jack. Jack silently tries to sleep within a race car bed surrounded by a little blue room. He tries his best to fall asleep as the sounds of a creature emerge from the storm. Among the assault of rain he hears the roar of a beast.

The young boy is terrified, he runs out of bed revealing his small stature, curly blonde hair and the most adorable little blue pajamas covered in penguins. His sheets fly across the room with a pillow crashing into the wall and before sheets hit the floor Jack is already through the door. Jack runs screaming down the stairs “something’s outside, something’s outside” as he is both exited and afraid. The boy runs to his father who is leaning back in his armchair reading the daily news. This boy leaps into his father’s arms knocking over the newspaper.

“Jack what the heck is happening, you should be asleep in bed.” The man dresses sophisticated wearing brown pants and plain shirt and a fancy sweater vest, and he is Jack’s father. He reads the newspaper every night after sending his son to bed. Still shaking like a wet cat Jack tells his father “I heard a monster outside, you need to call the police or the army or even batman.” Jack’s father looks into his son’s little green eyes giving off a chuckle.

Jack has an incredible imagination, and he has been always running everywhere. He spends his free time jumping up and down fighting monsters and he believes in the most ridiculous of creatures. One summer he spent every minute protesting his father they need to go to Scotland as soon as possible. He developed in his words “a super mega plan to catch the loch ness monster. We can be so mega rich.”

Jack’s father became accustomed to the way his son acts. So he responds to Jack’s actions with “what is it this time son”. Jack says “I don't know what exactly. I heard a roar coming from outside and it might be a dragon.” Jack’s father wants to agree with his son and let him believe in fantasy, but Jack’s mother has a different opinion of his actions.

His mother wants Jack to grow up and stop living in a fantasy world. She believes if he reaches high school with this mindset he is doomed to a life of bulling. She showed no concern to how Jack thought when he was younger, but this time Jack is eleven and no longer a child. Since Jack’s mother is in the room Jack’s father is forced to tell Jack what he heard is one of two choices. Choice number one is the sound came from thunder and choice number two is Jack was sleeping the whole time and the sound came from a dream.

Jack doesn't like his father’s response, but he doesn't mind his father picking him up and carrying him back to bed. Jack’s father lays Jack back in his bed. He picks the sheets off the floor covering his son. His father kisses Jack on the head and before leaving he tells his son “try your best to fall asleep this time.”

Jack doesn't care what his father told him. He knows what he heard, and it wasn’t thunder and he is a hundred percent sure he wasn’t sleeping. Still terrified he waits for his father to distance himself from his room and when he is sure, Jack rolls out of bed and heads towards the window. He isn't able to witness a thing. The storm blackens out the night sky. Jack might be afraid of what is waiting for him outside, but he desperately wants to see something. Jack wants to be right for once and he desires to discover things are worth believing.

When Jack’s fate almost vanishes from his heart the roar returns. This time around the roar is three times loader and almost knocks him off his feet. Jack desperately stares into the darkness and sees something darker. There seems to be a giant shadow running across rooftops. It’s hard to get any details with the storm being that rough. All Jack is able to spot is the silhouette of a shadow. It appears to have the shape of a lizard. Jack is so focussed on the shadow the he squashes his face against the window. He doesn't even notice the cold eating at his checks as they change from a warm red to a cold blue.

It is in that moment lightning strikes the earth and lights up the sky allowing everything to be visible. The lightning is so sudden it knocks Jack off his feet causing him to collide into the floor with a thump. He never intended to make any noise, but he does and the noise shows that Jack isn’t in bed. From the floor beneath him, Jack heirs his father screaming “go to bed.”

Jack runs into bed, diving beneath the sheets, encase his father checks up on him. Even with Jack falling over he is still able to capture a glimpse of something. The shadow is a giant purple lizard with a skinny body and a long neck. He has giant teeth and claws and even spikes going down his back. The lizard creature might terrify, but that is not the most important sight amongst the storm. This monster is doing battle with a tiny warrior. He wields a sword in his right hand and a shield in his left. He shows no fear facing the storm or the monster. Seconds of light allows Jack to witness a battle on rooftops between this tiny warrior and the monster.

Jack might have returned to his bed, but his eyes never leave the window. Jack shakes shivers and even quivers in anticipation for a little more lightning. He counts the seconds repeating one Mississippi, two Mississippi, and three Mississippi. By the time Jack reaches twenty-four Mississippi lightning strikes once more. The lightning lights the night sky like a candle lights a room, but this time no monster remains. This time all that remains is the tiny warrior standing alone on a distant rooftop. He has a shield on his back and a sword in the air as he declares his victory.

As the night went on the storm calms and Jack falls asleep with a giant grin on his face. What Jack saw might be a shadow of something normal or even a product of his overactive imagination. Everything that happened during the storm is likely nothing more than his imagination, but it still is the greatest thing he ever saw.

When the next morning arrives the storm is gone and the night before appears to be an amazing dream. Jack wants it to be real so badly he asks his father if he noticed something during the night. Turns out, no one in Jack’s family noticed anything. In school everyone talks about the incredible storm, but no one saw anything unusual. Jack doesn’t want other students to think he’s crazy or childish. When other students talk about the storm Jack stays back asking “did you see anything else”. No one understands Jack and continues to talk about their experience. As the day comes to an end Jack discovers he is the only child to have notice something special or unusual.

After school Jack spends hours running up and down the street looking for an answer. Without people noticing or helping Jack, he looks for evidence only to discover the battle from the night before caused no damage. Everything Jack watched during the night before is turning into nothing more than a dream.

It takes more than a week before Jack sees anything in the night sky, but he remains patient and he remains a believer. Turns out if someone remains patient and believes in something enough it will show itself. On a night that shares zero similarities with the night of the storm, on a peaceful night Jack hears footsteps from the roof.

There is a small thumping sound coming from above. The sound comes from the roof. Jack knows he has to discover what’s making this nose, but he also knows his parents would kill him if he goes out in the middle of the night. He is scared, but remembers his father’s advice. “Many things are hard in life and the risk could be deadly, but as long as the reward is greater you take the risk. You never look back, you regret nothing and you take the risk.” His mom always tells Jack “never listen to your father. If something is dangerous don't do it.” This time Jack goes with what his father tells him.

Jack rolls out of bed heading for the door. He frantically tries not to wake anyone up and things go his way. He silently places both his feet tightly in his giant blue boots and without a sound he gets his jacket is thrown over his shoulders. Opening the front door is the hardest part. It takes extreme efforts to do it without making a sound and even to his own surprise he did it. Jack stands outside at night without a single family member knowing. Once outside Jack no longer needs to stay silent, so he dashes to the side of the house where he heard the thumping sound. Once there he looks for a warrior. Standing proudly on top of Jack’s house is the same warrior from the other night.

Jack is so surprised he cannot to speak. He never thought he would make it out of the house and he definitely didn’t believe he would be right after a week of silence. Jack stands there looking up for close to ten minutes before he gets the courage to say something. It would take him five more minutes to decide what he will say. Jack keeps it simple and goes with “Hey, are you that guy that was fighting a monster last week.” The man responds with “of course. Do you see any other super awesome warrior capable of fighting demons from the shadows?”

Jack doesn't care what the man says he only cares about getting a response. With this response comes more excitement than the excitement in every child on Christmas morning together. Jack’s excitement is followed by him jumping in the air. After that he still doesn't express himself enough. So he runs in a circle with his arms in the air screaming “it wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t a dream.” Jack is so excited he doesn't notice the man on the roof panicking running edge to edge saying “oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.”

Jack’s excitement finally reaches a lower level where he has enough focus to ask the man to come off the roof so they could talk. Turns out the man on the roof wants to speak with Jack as much as Jack wants to with him. He knows this because when Jack says “hay wanna come down” the man leaps through the air landing feet away from Jack. He lands within the shadows of a tree keeping his identity secret.

From the shadows the man asks “are you actually able to see and hear me.” Jack responds with an enthusiastic “hell yeah.” The man no longer has a reason to hide his identity and walks out of the shadows to say a proper hello. Jack almost jumps out of his boots when he discovers not who, but what this man is. In front a Jack is a walking, talking teddy. He reaches a height just under four feet. On his back is the same sword and shield Jack saw him using earlier. The only thing out of the ordinary about his weapons is that they're constructed of cardboard. The mystery man is a teddy bear who fights with toy weapons.

This huge teddy bear warrior thing holds out a hand and says “hello my name is Elliot.” Jack jumps to hug Elliot saying “hi I'm Jack.” Jack asks somewhere over a million questions at the same time making things impossible to understand. Elliot is less excited than Jack about this meeting. He says “thanks for the name now I must leave.” Jack struggles to make Elliot stay. Jack struggles prove worthless as Elliot still says “I must go, but in one week from now leave your bedroom window open.” Before Jack can say another world Elliot is already sprinting down the street at an incredible speed. It takes Elliot seconds to disappear within the night.

Jack sneaks back into the house without making a sound and he heads straight for bed. He is so excited he takes hours to fall asleep. He is so happy with his new discovery he doesn't want to fall asleep. Most kids with an overactive imagination and strong belief in magic like Jack don’t have many friends. The friends he now has never cared much about him. Loneliness is Jack’s greatest enemy, but not anymore. He doesn’t care of the quantity of friends other people might have because Elliot is the dream friend.

The End

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