Day one: Before Midnight

The creeper slunk out from behind a tree and approached Steve, staring at him with it's cold, dead eyes and perpetually frowning features. Panicking, Steve retreated to the ocean, where at least creeper couldn't damage the surrounding landscape.

Out at sea, he attempted to deal damage to the creeper while also staying afloat and out of blast distance. He punched wildly in the creeper's direction until he finally landed a blow. When he had, he unfortunately was under the water, and couldn't get out of range of the creeper's blast.

Incapacitated temporarily by the shock waves, he felt himself being dragged away by the current into an underwater cave system, where he finally came to.

He had no way of knowing how deep he was under the surface, but judging by the pool of lava in the ravine toward his right, it was pretty far down. There was a glimmer of some ore that could be made out on the other side of the deadly liquid A torch, placed long ago by the forgotten miners of old, flickered dull, barely illuminating the entrance to an abandoned mineshaft to his left.

Obviously, there was only one sane option, he...

The End

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