"...to head to the forest!"

Day one: Late Afternoon.

  Steve walked through the thick greenery, looking for a certain tool -- an axe -- that he could use to cut down trees and possibly retrieve wood in order to build things. After he had found one, he immediately began cutting down trees.

  This is kind of fun, Steve thought to himself as he chopped down another tree.


  After a while, the sun started to make its descent. Since Steve had already collected more than enough wood to build a log cabin, he decided to stop cutting trees for the time being. Instead, he decided to use some of that wood to make a fire for a camp-out.

  As he was warming up by the fire, Steve heard rustling in some of the branches next to him.

  Turning around to see what the noise was, he asked, "Is someone there?" Only another strange noise came as a response from the bush.

  Slowly, ever-so slowly, Steve stood up and went over to the rustling bush. Just then, something jumped out at him!

  Mind stricken with terror, he stuttered, "I-it's a..."

The End

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