An Addventure set in Minecraft.
Steve is a rugged hermit who must learn that there is more to life than mere survival.

Day one: Early morning.

Steve spawned. His first thoughts admired the world at which he had arrived for the aurora of newness that seemed to ripple through the air. He opened his eyes and basked in the vivid greens, browns and blue that made up the grass, the dirt, and the sea and sky.

That would enough basking for now. On to business. Turning in a circle, he took stock of his surroundings. To the south of him was a vast ocean. There would be no going that way for the time being. To his east laid a forest that promised a stable environment where materials would be readily available. To the north stood a vast mountain range, alluring with the possibility of a secure mountain top home, from which he could see the surrounding landscape, and to the west a Jungle grew large and imposing. A dangerous landscape with an abundance of resources.

He needed only consider his options for a moment. "Well" He stated to no-one in particular, "It seems the decision has been made for me. My only real option is..."

The End

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