Dumb Luck or Dumb Decision?Mature


"I've never been one for peer pressure." I told the man. Then I introduced him and his men to Charm and Eagle.

Those are my blasters.

Charm is a DX-13 Dual-trigger Blaster pistol and Eagle is a T-6 Heavy Blaster. They've been my closest companions for years. They always stick right by my side, and they excel at blowing holes in things.

One human and one gamorrean were down as soon as my blasters were out. I  leapt over the dead human and vaulted over my ex-employer's desk. He was going for his own gun, but a blaster handle to the side of the head dissuaded him.

Taking cover behind the desk was the logical move, and I was able to take a shot under the desk and nail the trandoshan in the foot. I took advantage of the momentary surprise, dropping the other human with a quick shot, as my attackers watched their large trandoshan companion drop without me popping over the desk. 

Peaking around the corner, I took a shot at the twi'lek who saw me aiming and dove for cover. Unfortunately, there was no other cover, and my second shot put him down permanently. The remaining gamorean threw down his weapon and ran out the door, and the trandoshan was growling quietly. I frisked the unconscious man and took what credits I could find, but there was no security chip or anything hinting at the existence of a nearby ship.

As I cautiously left the building, I began to wonder what I would do now. Dreln had been right, I would need credits eventually. There was also the freight waiting to be delivered. I was now congratulating myself on having had the foresight to unload the cargo from my chip before losing it. I hailed a taxi and was so deep in thought, that I was surprised to find the driver shouting at me.

"Hm? What? What is it?!"

"Where do you want to go?"

"Oh... take me back to storage unit DT-24"

"Is that the one at the spaceport?"



On the way to the spaceport I began to formulate a plan. If I could I find someone with a ship who'd be willing to take myself and the cargo, hopefully I could pay with my services as a bodyguard or something. The trouble would be getting a good cover story up concerning the cargo. The cost of transporting it would be sure to go up, if the pilot found out what it was. 

I paid the taxi with some of the credits I had taken off of Dreln's boss and made my way inside the bustling building. First thing to do was find a pilot willing to take me to Coruscant. 


Again I shook my head as I thought about this job. I hadn't been to Coruscant in over 5 years for... personal reasons. Nothing to do with trouble from the law. The only reason I had agreed to do this job was because the customer had agreed to a ridiculous price. He must have been almost as desperate to deliver as I was to avoid the system.

Transport for hire, Spear of Sorrow. 

Perfect. The Captain, a man with chestnut hair and an athletic build, was just turning to enter his ship. I jogged up to him, slowing down at the last second to avoid any appearance of desperation.

That usually costed extra.

"5000 creds if you're going to Coruscant, 10000 for anywhere else."

"Well I suppose that's better than I'll get anywhere's else." I responded. "I am headed to Coruscant actually, but I have some cargo I need to bring with me. My business associate is using our ship for the time being and he apparently expected me to make it to coruscant and set up a booth in the market-"

"You'll need a better story than that. Cargo will bring the price up to 12000 credits."

"12000? The items aren't even worth that much!"

"Well then I guess you're going you're going to have to find a new ship." And he turned once more.

"Hang on a second..." I said, noticing something different about his ship. It was boxy, and not the prettiest in the galaxy, but...

"You're pretty heavily armed for being a simple transport ship." I said indifferently. 

"Caution is the better part of staying alive."

"Your rates are pretyt high, but they aren't that high. Not high enough to install three quad-turrets and mini turbo-laser cannon. You're not a simple taxi."

"And you're still not getting a ride for less than 12000."

I had a quick mental deliberation. I didn't want to trust this guy too much, but if I didn't tell him enough that'd he'd take me seriously, there was little doubt I'd be able to make it to Coruscant.

"Listen. My ship was stolen by some cheating nerf-herder named Alear Lorne. I'm a smuggler, and by the looks of your ship, I'm guessing you're not all you seem either. I need to get to Coruscant to deliver some freight. I can give you a cut of the profits and I can also offer my services as a co-pilot."

"I don't do chari-"

"I'm not asking for charity." I leaned in and told him how much I would be collecting. He did well in hiding his surprise, but I could tell he was considering my case a little more seriously.

"I'm sure you have enemies." I ventured. "Maybe a rival smuggler, an upset girlfriend who sent a bounty hunter, maybe you were stupid enough to anger a hutt" his eyes narrowed on that one... curious. "But whatever it is, I can help you handle it. I'm no stranger to combat."

After a long moment the Captain sighed, "Fine. But if you aren't what you're cracking yourself up to be, I'm kicking you out the airlock."

"Fair enough. The cargo is in Bay 64."

"Ok. The name is Kappaa by the way. Captain Vinnii Kappaa."

"Captain Raice Wystelin." and I offered my  hand. He took it then turned to enter his craft. I followed him on, wondering if I had been incredibly lucky, or if I had made one of the larger mistakes of my life.

The End

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