An offer you Can't RefuseMature


The un-named man led me to a speeder. Not just a speeder, a speeder with a chaufer.

"I don't believe I ever got your name." I ventured.

"That is correct."

"I want it."


"In case you do something to mess with me, I need to know who I'm killing."

"In that case, you won't need it."

"Because I won't have to kill you?"

"No, because you wouldn't get the chance."

"We'll see."

The speeder brought me to the well-off district, well... as well off as it got on Nar Shadaa. We were dropped off in front of building had no apparent security, but I didn't believe that for a second. 

I was ushered through a set of double doors, and led up a curving staircase. Mr. No name pulled out a data spike and inserted it into a lock on a large door at the top of the stairs. With a beep the door popped up open and I followed the man inside. There was a desk, a window with a great view of a not so great landscape, and there were doors on either side. I wondered what was hidden behind them.

There was only one other person in the room so I assumed he was the one who wanted to speak with me. He turned as the door shut behind me and nodded to No-Name.

"Thank you Dreln. You may go."

"Dreln huh? I'll remember that." I murmured as he passed.

"I'm sure you will." replied Dreln.

After he had left the man approached me and stopped when he was a few feet away.

"I'm going to skip the part where I pretend to be elusive, and you're going to skip the part where you ask you how I know your name alright Captain Wystelin?"

"Whoa! how'd you know my name?"

"Because I have money. You don't, which is why you are here. I'll be blunt Captain. I need someone with your skills. I would like to hire you as a smuggler and a mercenary."

"A mercenary? Why that, and why me?"

"Mutual benefit. You were stabbed on my doorstep and needed help, which I am prepared to give. As to why mercenary work, again that is because I have money. Money breeds power, which in turn breeds enemies. As to why I need a smuggler, well I'll allow you to hazard a guess at how I've earned my money."

"You won the galactic lottery?"

"Funny, but I didn't hire you to be a fool. You will be given your first assignment when you leave. Do you have any requests or questions?"

"I need a ship."

"Not for what you will be doing, and I'm sorry but even you aren't worth a ship."

"I only need to borrow it. Send Dreln if you have to, but I have cargo to deliver and I never fail on a delivery."

"I'm not sure tha-"

"It's either that or I refuse."

The doors on both sides burst open and within seconds I was surrounded by two humans, one twi'lek, two gamorreans, and a trandoshan.

Oh and they all had guns.

"Captain, I'm afraid this is an offer you can't refuse."

The End

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