'"You pigs all look the same to me..Mature

...but you..." Astor turned to the Weequay. The thing's thick hair stuck out in a ponytail on top of its head, the eyes a burning yellow. It wore tough looking leather armour, kinda too strong and fancy lookin' to belong to a simpleton. This guy was representing somebody, and Astor had a good idea who.

His hand had gone straight for his gun inside his coat, but he didn't reveal it.

The Gamorreans snorted some things, pointed and hefted their axes up, clearly looking for a fight. Astor would be happy to oblige, Gamorreans tended to be big, slow and stupid, but dangerous if you were dumb enough to be within their reach. Easy pickings. But still his gaze was drawn to the Weequay who looked strong in a more subtle kinda way.

"Surprised you don't remember me, we spent such happy times together in Morda's court three years ago." The Gamorreans stepped forward, then looked back to the apparent leader in this posse. The Weequay shook his head.

"It isn't--" Astor racked his brains. There were a lot of people in Morda's court "--Sheejo?" that wasn't good. If they were here for a fight, it was said Sheejo was one of the best  Bounty Hunters in the Outer Rim. There were some real bad stories about him.

"That's right," Sheejo smiled, an odd look on his kind. "Now Morda wishes to speak with you, and he'd like you unhurt, unfortunately." The smile slipped at the end of his words. "So if you could come along peacefully, that would be great. But if not, well then I will have no choice will I."

"Don't threaten me Weequay scum--"

"Watch your tongue human. I could gut you with one swipe of this axe," he stroked the shaft, almost tenderly.

There really was little for it. Astor put his hands on his hips and looked at each of them. "Fine, take me to Morda."

The piggies came towards him, Astor's gun immediately came out of of its holster. He was known to have a quick draw. "I can walk. Keep your pork chops back or I'll fry them."

Sheejo called out a command. The Gamorreans stopped, grunted and fell back in line.


They took their own ship, making the relatively short flight from Nar Shaddaa to Nal Hutta in good time. Sheejo kept Astor in the cockpit of his Lambda Class shuttle as they flew. The Gamorreans stayed at the door so he couldn't run, although where he would run to in such a small ship was beyond him.

When the ship finally touched down on the Main space port of Bilbousa, Nal Hutta, he was met with a familiar sight. The air hung dank and oppressive with a sickly green mist. Sickly was the perfect word, because this world was clearly dying. There were some trees growing out of the Khaki dirt, but they were old, gnarled and the colour of bone. Great dome buildings rose up which were connected via long, thick pipes. Plumes of smoke spouted from these, making the smoggy odour overall, one of decay with a sharp tang. It was an awful place, but he considered it the closest thing to a home he had. Well, other than his ship Spear of Sorrow.

The Weequay took the lead, his fat henchmen walking either side of him. Not too close to piss him off but close enough so that he knew they were there. Which pissed him off regardless.

They led him down long stretches of durasteel roadways, past pools of some form of acidic water until they reached the most vast building in all of Nal Hutta. (I mean it was huge) to look up at the roof of the building caused a serious strain on Astor's neck. It was vaguely a pyramid in shape, though circular as opposed to square, with a very steep incline. Actually the shape was reminiscent of a pile of bantha Poodoo, which in itself, was similar to that of a Hutt. Long rings of windows surrounded certain levels, and more cylindrical buildings, straight walled rather than sloped, surrounded the main one, and all linked via high up walkways. It was one of the most intimidating sights that Astor had ever seen, and he's seen a few in his time.

They finally passed the permacrete walls that held the courtyard of Morda's Palace, the area lined with multiple stalls and every kind of spacer you could imagine with every colour, somehow dulled by the eerie fog. The pathway finally gave way to the grand entrance of the palace itself.

The first room was probably the biggest. A gigantic pillar at the centre held a spiralling ramp that ran up to the upper floors. It seemed to take forever before they finally reached Morda's floor. The initial room looked almost like a large cantina, though more private and intimate, despite the slaves scrubbing the place clean. All of Morda's favourite people hung around, drinking, spicing and discussing business whilst dancers whirled around on a well-lit stage, Bith playing clarinets and more. Through a hallway, they met a Chagrian male receptionist. He seemed dignified... too dignified for the job, as a result he bore an irritated look.

Sheejo didn't bother saying anything to him, but just entered Morda's lounge.

"Hey Ogell, how's Morda been treating ya?" Astor called out.

He looked up suddenly from the paperwork, recognition lighting his eyes before looking back down again.

"Same as usual..."

"That bad eh--?" but he felt the butt of a vibro-axe knock into his back. He was about to turn around and lamp the Gamorrean in the mouth until he heard the voice.

The End

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