I held my breath I drew a card from the top of my deck. 


Releasing the breath, I placed the card face up on the table, making my total 20. A grin found it's way onto my face, and I stood.

I won. 

My opponent, a man by the name Alear Lorne, lowered his hands into his lap and stared at the table. Then, after a minute, he smiled slowly. He brought his hands back up and began to lay down cards. I don't know why he bothered, the only way he could beat was...

I counted his cards and could feel my own face melt into a frown as I saw that he had laid down nine cards. 

He had filled the table.

He won.

That... that wasn't... I lost... my ship!

Alear stood with a smirk, and scooped up the security chip that would allow him access to my ship. The Rogue Noble... my YT-1930 light freighter. One could say it was my "inheritance" although my father hadn't given it to me... I had paid for it with his money. Without his knowledge.

The dealer droid began to collect the cards. First mine. Then Lorne's. When he had collected Lorne's its eyes flashed and it said,

"Please return all cards to the table."

I looked up at the droid, "All cards? What do you mean?"

"Player two's deck is missing main deck card: nine."


I did some quick math. Nine would have put him over 20... would have won.

He cheated!

I leapt up from the table and ran after Lorne, who had just stepped onto an elevator. The doors were already closing, I wouldn't make it in time.

Guess I'd have to take the stairs. 

I leapt over the railing as I came to the steps, and grabbed the railing of the next level. Pushing off the wall, I spun and grabbed the railing on the opposite side. Then I pulled myself over the railing and began to sprint once more.

Lorne was just coming out of the elevator when I came around the corner. He hadn't spotted me yet, but as I got closer he heard my footfalls and spun towards me, blaster in hand. I drew Charm, one of my own blasters, and fired a quick shot. 

I was aiming for his weapon, but hit him on the arm. It was just as effective, because he dropped his weapon and let out a yell.

Then I was on him.

I caught his jaw, then gave him an uppercut to the chin. I was about to kick his ribs, when I felt a large hand grab the back of my collar. I turned to find myself staring at a large trandoshan. I struggled to get free, but his grip was too powerful for me to escape. WIth his free hand he punched my stomach once, twice, and a third time, and then there was a searing pain in my lower back. The trandoshan's grip released and I fell to the floor, a vibroblade in my back.

Alear and his accomplice took off before the cantina security could apprehend them and before he blacked out, Raice was aware of several pairs of feet surrounding him.


I sat up and instantly regretted it, but I didn't lay back down. Staggering to my feet I looked around what had once been a clean, white, sterile medical room. It was no longer in such pristine condition, but it did have a bacta tank, and from the marks on my body, and the refreshed feeling that I had, it was clear that I had been hooked up to it for a brief while.

"Excuse me, sir? You should be resting."

"No. I shouldn't I have things to do. Where is the knife?"


My blaster were still in their holsters. I drew one and pointed it at the fancily dressed man.

"Where. Is. The. Knife. The one that was sticking out of my body."

The man motioned to a drawer. I slowly made my way over and yanked it open. I retrieved the knife and stuck it through my belt, then began to head for the door. I kept the knife for one reason. I would really enjoy "giving" it back to its owner.

"You probably need money don't you."

I stopped.

"I could always use money, but I wouldn't say I need it."

"Well considering smugglers keep everything on their ships, and you no longer have a ship, I merely assumed. Good day to you si-"

I don't know how he knew, but he was right. Most of my money was on my ship. I had deposited some of it in a cred account, and I kept a little on me, but it seemed I wasn't going anywhere for a while and my money would only last for so long. 

"Fine. What do you want?"

"It's not what I want. But what my boss wants."

"And what does he want?"

"To talk to you. Follow me please."

The End

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