More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

Claire’s eyes took a moment to adjust to the fading light; she rarely saw daylight anymore, let alone anything close to the brightness radiating from this near-stranger. She’d expected for the wings to disappear with Mohinder’s aura, but found herself still staring at them long after the light had gone. As he stepped forward, she instinctively grimaced at him in preparation to bare her fangs, but stopped just short of doing so. There was no need to bring that element into play just yet, especially given his unknown powers.

Blinking up at him, Claire let her face relax and let out a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding. Standing there in front of her, eyes practically pleading for her hospitality, Mohinder hardly seemed like a threat. He almost literally radiated innocence, purity, and Claire cautiously chose to accept that he was being genuine; this was not some sort of trick. That did not, however, mean she was about to let down her guard and ignore the instincts that had carried her thus far. Acceptance did not mean trust.

She moved to actually touch his wings this time, but as she brought her hand up, his wings disappeared. Thoroughly confused, Claire instead briefly rested her hand against his chest, staring back at him before nodding. More than most, she knew what it was like to be alone and uncertain about oneself. It wasn’t a situation she would wish on anyone. “Even my heart can’t refuse that request,” she said, the faintest hint of a smile tugging one corner of her mouth upward. “As I said, we have a spare room you can use until you’re….puzzled out…” Without further time wasting, she took his hand and brought him up the stairs, stopping before one of the closest doors on the left.

“My chambers are downstairs. If you should need anything, it’s best to ask the help first, as I’m often occupied during the day, and you should find them glad to provide what they can. Is…there anything you need of me  at the moment?” She tilted her head at him with the question, feeling somewhat out of sorts as she didn’t quite know how to proceed with this unusual creature.

The End

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