More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

Claire watched in mute fascination as Mohinder became something altogether more. She no longer needed to feign surprise and her eyes stayed wide, despite the glaring light, taking in the man’s wings as they formed a protective circle around her. Startled as she was by this remarkable shift, the shadowy apparition she’d conjured flickered and died, and the lanterns guttered to life with a faint crackle. If she hadn’t known better, it would’ve appeared as though Mohinder’s efforts had, in fact, spared her from the malicious creature.

The danger apparently passed, Claire let out a long breath, attention caught by the feathery appendages that still surrounded her. Tentatively, she reached out one hand, stopping just short of actually touching them. The light shimmered off their surface, delicate and breathtaking. Claire blinked repeatedly, feeling her mind buzz with several thousand questions and go entirely blank at the same time. 

Her hands fell to her sides and she looked searchingly over Mohinder’s back. “What…what are you?” The words were out of her mouth before she had the forethought to censor herself, but she desperately wanted to know the answer. Wings, light…her instincts pointed toward angel, and for a moment, the logical part of her immediately refuted the possibility. She was then forcibly reminded of her own existence, and the idea seemed less impossible. Any thought of flirtation seeped out of her as protective instincts took over, and she took as big a step backward as she could, back brushing against his wings.

The End

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