More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

Mohinder couldn’t help noticing how her eyes wandered over him every now and then. Normally he wouldn’t have minded the attention – especially from someone so beautiful – but the same pull that summoned him to her also made him wary and paranoid at the same time. Perhaps it was just too much sensory overload, and he found himself shrugging that feeling off, or at least attempting to. As for no true reason to offer her protection, this was Mohinder after all and underneath, he had a heroic heart.

At the portraits and seeing her as an adorable child, a smile crossed Mohinder’s face before fading a moment later at her question. The glance she gave him sent a small shiver down his spine as he attempted to speak. “I um, actually, I believe I had a sister, but I do not remember her at all.” Which wasn’t unusual, considering she had passed away before Mohinder was born.

As the last syllable left his mouth, it began - the coolness of her hand disappeared from his and the sight of pure terror was evident along her delicate features. In one swift motion, Mohinder turned to face the darkness. Eyes narrowed and glaring and teeth gritted, he stood, a human shield as he backed up to Claire. In that moment, a new instinct took over, one that he had never felt before. In an incredible light show, there grew from his back a pair of translucent wings, spanning out to cover Claire even further, eventually going so far as to wrap themselves around her. There was no time to think or rationalize this, so Mohinder just went with it. With a growl, he did what felt natural, eventually shooting a ball of light toward the creature…

The End

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