More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

As she came closer, Mohinder could have sworn out of the corners of his eyes he'd seen some sort of faint white light come from behind him to wrap around her like a protective, feathery blanket. Surely he must have been seeing things though, and not to alarm her, he gave it no attention and nodded attentively at her words, believing every syllable. Not only was she in danger, but others as well? Mohinder was definitely needed here, and that would explain his arrival - destiny.

Just as he was about to assure her of how uneasy the place made him feel - which he had no idea how to explain such a concept to where it sounded logical - cool hands brushed against his skin, producing a rather delightful chill up his spine. Within that second, Mohinder forgot what he was about to say, and closed his mouth to clear his throat. Again, there was that feeling, telling him to run. And yet again, he didn't listen. Instead, he remained there, enjoying the attention and closeness.

Now that she had mentioned it, was he too warm or was she too cool? After the buttons were set straight, Mohinder gently took her hand into his and nodded for her to lead the way. "Thank you. I suppose you're correct. Perhaps sleep will help to clear my mind and possibly help me to remember. You must promise me you will wrap up in some blankets and stay nearby in case of trouble though?" As she led, he memorized the layout so he could find his way around in case of emergency.

The more they walked, the more Mohinder became certain the dark entity was following them. It was so close, he braced himself for an attack at any second, but managed to keep his facade neutral. No sense in frightening Claire if it was something out of his imagination. Still... "I know this sounds of madness, but I have this deep feeling that I am to protect you. From what, I do not know. Just know, if you need me, for anything, do not hesitate to wake me."

The End

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