More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

Claire had to bite the inside of her mouth to stop herself from chuckling aloud at Mohinder's obvious naivete. "Perhaps I am merely lucky," she said distractedly, attempting to think of a way to hide the truth from him at least a little while longer. If her air of "darkness" was as strong as his air of "light," it wouldn't take long for him to sort out the source, even as unaware as he seemed. Her musings were cut short, however, at his mention of amnesia. Aside from the fact that such a state was unusual, it was also distinctly to her advantage. Grinning like a cat, she stepped toward him, just barely maintaining a proper distance. 

"Your circumstances sound unfortunate, though I'm glad you've found your way here as well," she said with a nod, "and all the way  from India. I have been there once, long ago." Her tone was distant, and she shook her head to clear it, not wanting to dwell on those memories. Not when there was someone so delicious within her grasp. Playing along with him, she paused for a moment, appearing to be lost in thought. "I haven't noti....actually, now that you mention it, a few of the girls have mentioned strange shadows at night. They have even said they've seen a figure darting about the manse." She shuddered delicately, as though the very idea was frightening.

Coming back to herself, she nodded sympathetically at his words. "I'm sure it has indeed been a trying day for you. You needn't worry over such phantoms of the mind, however, it's likely just the fancies of young girls." She waved a hand dismissively and glanced down at his shirt. "What a fine mess you've managed to make..." On the pretense of straightening his shirt, she stepped closer and unbuttoned the thing entirely, hands purposefully lingering when they made contact with his skin.

"You're rather warm," she commented, looking up at him through dark lashes as she set the buttons to rights. "Perhaps you should retire for the night, get some rest? I will gladly show you to one of the spare rooms myself, should you still be worried about my safety." Claire smiled at him once more, indulgently, as though she were teasing him for being concerned.

The End

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