More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

This poor woman had no idea of the energy surrounding her, it seemed. It must have been fate that Mohinder had woke up nearby. Yes, fate that he had arrived just in time. Luckily she appeared without a scratch so far. "Yes, I do believe it to be serious. I'm relieved you haven't been harmed." With an appreciative nod, he walked around to the doorway and inside to meet her. "Claire, that's a lovely name. But as much as I love pleasantries, the force I'm feeling is now closer than ever."

With a quick gesture, Mohinder tested the doors behind him to ensure they were locked before turning his full attention to Claire. "I do not remember much at the moment, but I do know I'm from India. I um... I'm afraid I seem to have a form of amnesia. I know my name and my hometown, but I haven't the slightest idea how I got here, in your stables. I was led to this house by a strange feeling - a force repelled me, but my curiosity got the better of me." With that, he fiddled with his shirt again, attempting to straighten it but accidentally mixing the buttons up even more into the incorrect holes. "I'm glad my curiosity brought me here though." There was a shy, bright smile then, even though he had no idea what he could do to fight the darkness he felt.

After one of the servants took his drink request, he continued, this time moving closer and whispering, "I do not want to frighten any of your workers, but there is definitely something here, in this house. Have you noticed anything strange lately? Anything at all?" Mohinder was a geneticist, not a ghostbuster. He had no idea where to begin... but the answer was definitely not on her soft shoulder that his eyes were running over. "Hm." With a quiet clear of his throat, eyes met hers again. "Sorry, it's been a dreadfully long day so far." This was not like him. It was like she was literally hypnotizing. Perhaps it had to do with the force that pulled him there?

The End

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