More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

Oh, the poor creature, Claire thought, somehow managing to school her face into neutrality despite the feral grin that threatened to pull her lips upward. She wasn't imagining the innocence, the purity she sensed around him: it poured from his every word, his every gesture. He was marvelously clueless to the fact that Claire was not in danger, but rather was danger. If she hadn't already suspected as much, that fact alone told Claire that this Mohinder was not a local. Most of the town knew well enough to stay away from her estate, though no one could quite say why. They reported a sense of unease, disquiet, and those who accidentally wandered onto her property left as quickly as they came, none the wiser about the ancient darkness that dwelt within. 

"Save me?" she repeated, affecting an expression of concern. "From danger? That sounds rather serious. It is no intrusion at all, my dear, why don't you come inside? You look rather out of sorts, I'm certain something to eat and drink would set you aright, and you can tell me more of this darkness you sense." Turning momentarily away from him, Claire directed the servants to open the side door not too distant from Mohinder's left. "You may call me Claire," she responded with a small smile, "Claire Wandesford. I shall meet you at the door, and we'll make certain you're well cared for." 

Leaving the study to do just that, Claire unnecessarily smoothed her dress and hair. Though not entirely certain what she wanted to do with this new toy, so neatly delivered at her door, he was undeniably handsome and that was enough for the moment. Upon reaching the door, she flashed him a brief smile and stood aside to usher him in. "Do come in, Mr. Suresh. Though, I must ask...where are you from with such a name? It is entirely unfamiliar to me." If she had to guess, Claire was inclined to think it was perhaps middle eastern, though she was not one for guessing.

The End

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